Is coffee really carcinogenic or not?

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Is coffee really carcinogenic or not?

is coffee carcinogenic true or false?

makes many friends who often drink coffee scared. An article in the circle of friends said that instant coffee is carcinogenic because the concentration of acrylamide contained in it is higher than that of potato chips, cigarettes and other common carcinogenic foods.

the most important thing to blame for coffee is that coffee is not directly related to breast cancer. Acrylamide does exist in instant coffee. In 1994, the International Center for research on cancer listed acrylamide as a class 2A carcinogen, which is potentially carcinogenic to human beings. However, there is still no epidemiological evidence. Compared with cigarettes that have been identified as carcinogens, it is not a grade at all.

in fact, as early as 2008, a hospital in Beijing has done research on the incidence rate of breast cancer and eating habits. It is found that the incidence rate of breast cancer is not different from that of the people who do not drink coffee, or even slightly lower than that of the non drinking population. This is totally different from the carcinogenesis of many coffee on the Internet. A study gathered 23 research centers of 10 European coffee consuming countries, including Germany, Britain, Switzerland and Spain, which totaled more than 30 people for 20 years. The final conclusion is that coffee drinks, whether caffeinated or not, are not directly related to breast cancer. Even in postmenopausal women, the prevalence of breast cancer in coffee drinking group is lower. So, from a certain point of view, coffee also has a preventive effect on breast cancer.

in fact, compared with breast cancer, women have more chance of lobular hyperplasia. It is still necessary to reiterate that most breast lobular hyperplasia is not necessarily related to breast cancer. The more painful the lobular hyperplasia is, the less serious it is. Coffee is not the culprit of lobular hyperplasia. At most, it can only be regarded as an accomplice. My suggestion is that if you are not in good health recently and have chest pain before menstruation, low-fat diet and reducing the intake of caffeinated foods such as coffee, cola, tea and chocolate can relieve the pain.

, but this is not to advocate unrestrained drinking. Coffee has obvious diuretic effect, and urine will take away a large number of nutrients in our body. Calcium, phosphorus and other elements in human bone will be lost with a large amount of urine. Too much coffee will accelerate osteoporosis. Some people often have heart rate acceleration after drinking, so people with heart problems such as arrhythmia are not recommended to drink more.

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