Is crystal crystal crystal or polycrystalline crystal better?

when I was young, if I coughed or caught a cold, my mother would make rock sugar Sydney for us to drink, mainly to make our voice recover faster, so there are many choices of rock sugar, which are divided into single crystal and polycrystalline. For ordinary families, there is not much attention, so we just choose to use the kind sold in the supermarket, But today we are going to see whether single crystal is better or polycrystalline.

from a medical point of view, single crystal rock sugar is more conducive to human absorption than polycrystalline rock sugar. If you need to take rock sugar, it is recommended to take single crystal rock sugar.

polycrystalline rock sugar: also known as big rock sugar. Axial ice is made of natural crystal processed by traditional technology. It is commonly known as natural rock sugar.

single crystal crystal crystal sugar: on the basis of traditional technology, it is processed and crystallized by modern machines to form numerous particles with the same shape. It is commonly known as single crystal crystal crystal sugar

. All kinds of ions or atoms in the whole crystal are arranged in a certain direction and order, which is called single crystal. If multiple single crystals are disorderly combined, there is a clear boundary between the crystals. Such crystals are called polycrystals.

on the surface, the single crystal is small piece by piece, and the color is white; Polycrystalline is a large block of many water chestnut, more transparent.

processing method:

(1) single crystal rock sugar: put the white granulated sugar into the appropriate amount of water for heating and dissolving, filter it and input it into the crystallizer to make the sugar liquid supersaturated, put in the crystal seed to cultivate the crystal, take it out for demineralization and centrifugal drying after the crystal grows, and then pack and leave the factory after ventilation drying, screening and grading.

(2) polycrystalline rock sugar: put the white granulated sugar into the right amount of water for heating and dissolving, boil the sugar, input it into the crystallizing basin after reaching a certain concentration, take it out after a week of crystal cultivation in the crystallizing chamber, control the mother liquor, remove the bottom of the sand, smash and dry it, and then mix and pack it out of the factory.

it can be seen that you can choose according to your own needs. Single crystal has the advantages of single crystal and polycrystalline has the advantages of polycrystalline, so there is no uniqueness. For children, you can’t eat a lot of sugar, which is not good for their teeth or health, so the elders must pay attention to it.

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