Is drinking purified water good for our health for a long time?

in our daily life, purified water is the most convenient way to drink. When we feel thirsty when shopping or working, we think of drinking purified water. So, is long-term drinking purified water good for our health? Is there any toxic substance in purified water? Now let’s understand it together;

although purified water is very clean, there may be some hidden dangers to human body. This kind of water, which does not exist in nature, is a kind of degraded water. Its quality has declined and its effect on human body has been “degraded”. Even the unpolluted natural water, after a series of purification processes such as reverse osmosis, will lose the support structure of small molecular groups and “degenerate”, and lose its physiological function because there are no mineral elements.

in the final analysis, pure water is the dead water with no activity. The so-called “clear water means no fish”, that is, too clear water contains very few minerals, which is not conducive to biological growth. Drinking water for a long time will reduce the immune function of human body and make the body lose some beneficial nutrients. Elderly people, especially those with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, old people, children and pregnant women, should not drink this water for long. Due to the wide application of pesticides and insecticides, as well as the pollution of industrial wastewater and domestic waste to the water source, the drinking water in some areas has been very unsatisfactory, so the phenomenon of purchasing pure water for drinking appears in some urban families. Not to mention whether the distilled water and purified water sold on the market are qualified, long-term drinking of distilled water and purified water alone is potentially harmful to health. First, those who drink distilled water often give up the source of 5% of the trace elements needed by the human body, and also give up the protective elements of calcium and magnesium ions in water.

second, the solubility of purified water is the largest. As a carrier of human waste, it will also dissolve some useful elements in the body and excrete them out of the body. In the production of distilled water and purified water, it is necessary to boil the source water to make it evaporate and condense for recovery, or to produce it by reverse osmosis method. In this process, other hot evaporated substances in the source water used for the production of distilled water will also condense into the distilled water with the generation of distilled water, such as phenols, benzene compounds, and even evaporated mercury, which are harmful to health. The reverse osmosis method will not get the theoretical pure water.

in order to get pure water or ultrapure water, we must go through two or three times of distillation, and add other purification methods. Distilled water on the market is unlikely or unnecessary to do so. It has been reported that some children in a city of our country get sick because of drinking purified water for a long time. People need to drink water to survive. What we need is clean and harmless natural drinking water. We don’t necessarily drink pure and high priced distilled water or pure water. Of course, it’s OK to drink distilled water occasionally.

what is described in the above article is the knowledge about drinking purified water for a long time. I believe you all know that drinking purified water for a long time is not good for your health. Of course, purified water can be drunk occasionally, but for the sake of health, it’s better to drink less. I hope this article can help more friends who are in the wrong zone.

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