Is ginger hair?

ginger is a very common food in our daily life. Ginger is indispensable for cooking. Ginger can be seasoned, and it can remove some abnormalities. It can make food more delicious, and ginger can also play the role of sterilization. It is good for the body. Many people think that ginger belongs to hair, So I dare not eat it. Let’s discuss whether ginger is hair.

what is hair?

we often hear Chinese medicine say, don’t eat hair, so what is hair? Hair refers to nutritious food, such as fish, shrimp, poultry, meat, spicy, fishy and so on. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, hair can make the body Yang Qi rise, leading to disease. Therefore, hair can also be defined as the food that should not be eaten during the period of illness and taking medicine.

under normal circumstances, hair can be divided into six kinds: fever, dampness, coldness, stagnation, blood and wind. Generally speaking, sweet, waxy and soft foods are mostly moist. This kind of food can produce sweet phlegm, retain dampness and hurt the spleen and stomach. When the food is “hairy”, it is harmful to dampness. When the food is “hairy”, it is harmful to dampness. When the food is “hairy”, it is harmful to the spleen. When it is “Foody”, it can moisten the body, such as glutinous rice, malt sugar, bee sugar, lotus root, rock sugar, mash, rice wine, etc.

febrile substances

febrile substances mostly refer to spicy food with heavy taste. This kind of food can induce the body to catch fire, damage and damage the body fluid, and lead to constipation, dry mouth, sore throat, red face and red eyes. When “hair” is a heat hazard, and when “food” is a warm yang benefit, such as ginger, Allium macrostemon, Chinese prickly ash, mutton, beef Dog meat, etc.

the above is some of the functions of ginger and the way to eat it. In fact, ginger has no direct impact on the body. You can eat some properly in daily life. As long as you don’t eat too much, it won’t do any harm to the body. Don’t worry too much, just pay attention to the reasonable diet.

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