Is ginger juice really hairy?

many people with hair loss have heard that ginger can prevent hair loss and even hair growth by wiping the scalp. When ginger is used externally on the scalp, it can make the scalp congest and promote blood circulation. Although we all know that ginger has many functions and effects, is this popular folk prescription really as effective as others say? Does ginger wipe scalp to promote hair rely on? Let’s talk about the method.

from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, ginger is warm in nature, and its unique “gingerol” can stimulate gastrointestinal mucosa, make gastrointestinal congestion and enhance digestive ability. When ginger is used on the scalp, it can make the scalp congested and promote blood circulation, and blood is one of the keys to hair growth. Therefore, the effect of hyperemia stimulating blood circulation can improve the growth of hair to a certain extent, especially for people with mental alopecia and kidney deficiency alopecia, the effect is very obvious. In addition, some people also use ginger in the beard and eyebrow hair, the principle is the same.

however, the saying that “ginger can produce hair by smearing on the scalp” has been questioned, and its final effect remains to be verified. Experts said that ginger rubbing scalp can promote blood microcirculation, but its hair generation effect is really very small, and once the dosage and force used improperly, it will cause local irritation or skin allergy, therefore, this way of hair generation is not recommended.

hair loss can not be treated in a hurry. First of all, we should find out the cause of hair loss, whether it is pressure or disease, and then apply the right medicine to the case. Young and middle-aged people’s hair loss, treatment is not timely or use the wrong treatment method, will only aggravate the situation of hair loss. When the situation is serious, it is likely that the best opportunity for treatment has been missed. Therefore, farewell to folk prescription, timely and standardized treatment of hair loss is the key to restore hair health.

it seems that what most people say in life is not right. When using folk prescription, many people will not use it until they have a clear understanding of their own causes. Most of them are confused and follow. It is wrong to take risks like this. In case of more serious consequences, they will never be cured. Ginger hair is not suitable for everyone, we should be careful before trying.

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