Is green leafy vegetables suitable for soup?

Is green leafy vegetables suitable for soup?

is green leafy vegetables suitable for soup?

green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, rape, celery, chrysanthemum and so on, have always been the protagonists on our table. They are rich in vitamins, potassium, calcium, magnesium, dietary fiber and folic acid. In addition to stir frying, some people like to make soup with green leafy vegetables.

green leafy vegetables are not suitable for long-time soup. First of all, from a health point of view, vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, have high nitrate content. If they are kept for a long time or boiled for a long time, nitrate will be converted into nitrite, which is harmful to human health. Therefore, green leafy vegetables must be fresh; Fresh & quot; It not only means that the vegetables are stored for a short time, but also means that they are not cooked for a long time and are not heated repeatedly.

secondly, in terms of nutritional value, if green leafy vegetables are cooked for a long time, some nutrients in them will change, such as antioxidants, which are easy to oxidize and discolor. Finally, in terms of taste, green leafy vegetables are not suitable for soup making. After a long time, the leaves will become soft and the color will become darker, which will affect the taste of green leafy vegetables. Experts said that if you want to make soup with vegetables, you’d better choose rhizome vegetables, which have low nitrite content, and many of them are suitable for long cooking, such as white radish, potato, yam, lotus root, etc. the soup tastes good.

if you use green leafy vegetables to make soup, you need to boil water over high heat, rinse vegetables, and turn off the heat quickly. Green leafy vegetables can also be fried with oil before cooking. This cooking can quickly inactivate the oxidase in the dish, and the vitamins and chlorophyll are well preserved. The soup not only has high nutritional value, but also has good color.

in addition, experts pointed out that when drinking this kind of green leaf vegetable soup, some soluble vitamins and inorganic salts have been dissolved in the soup, so you should eat it with vegetables and soup. Moreover, soup is best to do now drink, shelving too long or repeated heating, will cause part of the nutrient loss.

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