Is it better to eat fruit before meals or after meals?

with the launch of various fresh fruits, people who like to eat fruits can not only satisfy their appetite, but also enjoy the health brought by fruits. But at this time, there is a problem, that is, when is it better to eat fruits? Is it better to eat fruit before a meal or after a meal? In fact, when to eat fruit has a lot to do with the purpose of eating, so let’s talk about it.

for example, if you haven’t eaten for many days at this time, then of course eating immediately can better meet your actual needs, or if you want to use fruit to lose weight and reduce food intake, then of course you eat it before meals, because if you eat fruit before meals, you can reduce the amount of dinner, So it’s better to eat fruit before meals.

of course, in the past many years, even in many people’s living habits have been formed, after eating fruit habits, after dinner, to a fruit salad, or fruit sauce can let the eaters have a better food enjoyment.

for many fruits, eating after a meal can help digestion. Of course, with the modern people’s understanding of the concept of health preservation, it can be said that it is totally untenable. Modern health science believes that eating fruits after a meal is not conducive to health, and it may also cause some gastrointestinal diseases, Therefore, modern health science believes that eating fruit before meals is more conducive to health.

of course, everything is not absolute. Some fruits are suitable for eating before meals, but some fruits are not suitable. For example, hawthorn is not suitable for eating before meals, because it contains a lot of acidic substances. If you eat before meals, it will cause the increase of gastric acid in the body, stimulate the gastric mucosa, cause pantothenia, nausea, abdominal distension and other problems, Thus causes the gastrointestinal aspect the disease, but when the stomach acid accumulates to a certain amount, also can have the stone the question to produce.

another example is persimmon. If you eat persimmon before meals for a long time, the tannin, fruit acid and tannic acid in persimmon will form stones with a lot of stomach acid in people’s body when they are on an empty stomach, and even cause gastric congestion, edema, ulcer and even gastric perforation. Moreover, if you eat bananas on an empty stomach, it will also cause gastrointestinal discomfort, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, and diseases affecting the digestive system.

it is the season for litchi to go on the market. If you eat it before meals, it will cause indigestion and affect your appetite. Therefore, there is no definite answer whether to eat fruit before meals or after meals. The most important thing to eat fruit is to choose the time to eat according to the characteristics of different fruits.

finally, Xiaobian reminds us that we should master the scientific way of eating fruit in our daily life. Only by mastering the scientific way of eating fruit can we be more conducive to our health. Of course, fruit can only be used as a supplementary food, and can’t really replace the staple food with fruit. Only the balanced nutrition of all kinds of food can better promote our health.

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