Is it better to eat health products before or after meals?

now that people’s living conditions are better, they pay more attention to their own health. But busy work, too much pressure often make the human body overdraft, and many people are often in the state of sub-health. So many people want to recuperate the body, often take some health products to nourish the body. So, when taking health care products, is it better to eat before meals or after meals?

1. It’s better to eat vitamins after meals.

taking vitamin health products after meals, because there is food in the intestines, vitamins will be gradually absorbed, which is conducive to its function. Especially fat soluble vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E soft capsules, which are easily absorbed in fat, should be taken after meals. Vitamin

b1, B2, B6 and other B vitamins after meals were more stable than before meals. Vitamin C should also be taken after meals.

if taken on an empty stomach before meals, there is no food in the intestines, which is easy to be quickly absorbed into the blood, so that the concentration of vitamins in the blood increases quickly. Before being used by the body tissues, it will be discharged from the urine, thus not playing its due role.

2. Calcium tablets can be taken before and after meals. In fact, the absorption of calcium tablets has nothing to do with before and after meals, but in order to reduce the stimulation to the stomach, it is recommended to take after meals. Like calcium D soft capsule, this kind of liquid calcium is not marked before and after meals, so it can be both, and the liquid calcium itself is better to absorb. In addition, the best time to take calcium tablets is after dinner or before going to bed, in the evening, calcium is the most easily absorbed, so generally eat calcium tablets

after dinner. 3. Eat

between meals to reduce blood fat. What is eating between meals, that is, between meals. For example, polyene fish oil soft capsules and Ziyi Yinluo capsules are suitable for eating between meals. In addition, the effect of polyene fish oil combined with soybean lecithin soft vitamin E capsule is better. It can protect heart and brain vessels and liver while regulating blood lipid.

different health products take different time, vitamins should be taken after meals, the body’s absorption effect is better; Calcium is OK at any time, but people with weak stomach can eat it after meals; Hypolipidemic should be taken between meals. Thus it can be seen that when to take health care products is good, it should also be specific, specific analysis, can not be generalized.

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