Is it good for your health to like to eat poached eggs?

is it good for your health to like to eat poached eggs?

eggs are nutritious food, many people like to eat eggs, and there are many ways to eat eggs. Common poached eggs are also very popular, so how about eating poached eggs? In fact, delicious food does not mean nutrition. Just take a look. After fried, the poached eggs are put into the freezer for freezing. After thawing, how much nutrition is left in the poached eggs sent to consumers in fast food restaurants?

experts said that in fact, from the perspective of nutrition, poached eggs after frying at high oil temperature will cause great nutritional loss. Therefore, experts do not advocate that the public often eat poached eggs& ldquo; Most of the oil of the poached eggs made outside is used repeatedly, which will produce some carcinogens such as peroxide and acrolein, and the nutrition is not high. Even if you cook at home, from the perspective of nutrition, we do not recommend fried eggs for the public& rdquo;

nutrition experts said that after repeated transportation and freezing, factory poached eggs are easy to breed bacteria. If consumers eat them for a long time, it is easy to produce nausea, abdominal pain and other phenomena& ldquo; In fact, this kind of poached egg has no nutritional value. If people eat it for a long time, it will even affect their kidneys and liver. Therefore, they should try to eat less& rdquo;

eggs eat different, nutritional effect is not the same.

eggs are very common nutritious food, and there are many ways to eat them, but different ways of eating have different nutritional value and efficacy. So how should we eat eggs? When you eat eggs, you should match these two dishes. What is it? Just look at it.

in the field of nutrition, eggs have always had a & lt; Total nutrition food & quot; It’s a good name. According to research, in addition to a variety of nutrients, eggs also contain two kinds of amino acids & mdash& mdash; Tryptophan and tyrosine, which have strong antioxidant capacity. An egg yolk contains the same amount of antioxidants as an apple.

experts told reporters that & lt; Eggs were rated & lsquo; The most nutritious breakfast & quot; It makes sense. Because the human body after a night of metabolism, need to supplement nutrition, and eggs contain protein, fat, lutein, lecithin, vitamins and iron, calcium, potassium and other minerals needed by the human body. In the breakfast, besides eggs, it should also contain staple food, milk, soybean milk, vegetables, meat and other food, which together form a nutritious and balanced breakfast& rdquo;& ldquo; Lack of vitamin C is the only problem in eggs; Disadvantages & quot;, With tomatoes, green peppers and so on, you can make up& rdquo;

it is recommended that the elderly eat one egg a day. The cholesterol in eggs has always been a concern for people. Fu Jinru specially reminds us that an egg contains about 300 mg of cholesterol, reaching the daily intake of ordinary adults. Therefore, according to the nutritional needs of different groups of people, the consumption of eggs should be different. Children, pregnant women, lactating mothers and people who exercise a lot need more protein than ordinary people and can eat 1 & mdash every day; Two eggs. Normal adults, the elderly, can eat an egg a day. For patients with dyslipidemia or obesity, it is recommended to eat 2 & mdash a week; Four eggs are more suitable to avoid excessive cholesterol intake.

women eat eggs have these benefits

in the field of nutrition, eggs have always been & lt; Total nutrition food & quot; Having an egg for breakfast has many advantages.

1, eggs help lose weight.

studies have shown that people who eat eggs for breakfast are more likely to lose weight than people who eat cakes.

2. Eggs are an excellent source of protein.

egg protein contains all the essential amino acids of human body, which is the most comprehensive protein.

3. Eggs are good for brain development and memory.

egg yolk is rich in choline, which can promote brain development and benefit brain function. At the same time, choline is very helpful to improve memory and reaction.

4, eggs cost-effective.

compared with the protein rich food materials of experts, such as bacon, beef, even the cheap local eggs, the cost performance is much higher.

5. Eggs protect eyesight.

two antioxidants in egg yolk, lutein and zeaxanthin, can help protect eyes from UV damage. They also help reduce the risk of cataracts in the elderly.

6, eggs are more resistant to hunger.

eggs are more resistant to hunger than bread, steamed bread and cereal chips. The protein and fat in it can provide you with energy continuously and steadily, making you full for a longer time.

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