Is it hard to get drunk before drinking Baijiu and beer?

at the party, people have to drink. People love Baijiu Baijiu, some people love to drink liquor, beer, which are based on personal preferences. In the summer, people usually love beer and barbecue, but liquor is the most popular when they are socializing, and red wine is suitable for lovers and party. Some people drink beer and toast after drinking the baijiu. So, Baijiu and beer are really not easy to get drunk?

the saying goes: “first beer, then Baijiu, drunk to support the wall; First Baijiu beer, how to drink do not head. ” However, this is not scientific. Baijiu and beer are two kinds of wine with different qualities. The former is distilled liquor, the latter is fermented wine, so the components of the two kinds of wine are different. In addition to a small amount of fusel oil, Baijiu is mainly ethanol, while beer contains many components, such as carbon dioxide, inorganic salts, vitamins, antioxidants, such as polyphenols, and some substances can promote ethanol absorption. Some people think that the carbon compounds in beer will accelerate the absorption of alcohol, which is the same as the theory that drinking tea can relieve alcohol. It has not been scientifically confirmed, so only time can make the alcohol be slowly removed from the blood.

excessive drinking can cause alcoholism. Alcohol is a kind of neurophilic substance, which has inhibitory effect on central nervous system. After drinking, they feel relaxed and warm, eliminate tension, relieve fatigue and relieve discomfort or pain. A large amount of alcohol can produce drunken state, is a common acute alcoholism. At this time, the alcohol content in human blood can reach 0.1%. Generally, the metabolic rate of alcohol in adult blood is 150-200 mg / L per hour. Although the body’s metabolic rate varies from person to person, but the average 6-8 hours, ordinary people can recover from moderate degree of drunkenness to normal.

therefore, the degree of drunkenness is related to the amount of alcohol you drink and the alcohol content in your blood. What you drink first and then what you drink has little physiological effect. Baijiu and beer are easier to drink, and the pain is more severe than that of a single drink, and the feeling of intoxication is early, causing dizziness, nausea, vomiting and even other toxic symptoms.

when you drink, you’d better not drink with it. Some young people love to pursue excitement, and even drink liquor, beer and red wine. This is a very harmful way to your health. If you don’t want to get drunk, you’d better eat something to pad your stomach before drinking. Otherwise, it’s easy to get drunk and hurt your stomach. After drinking, you can drink some yoghurt.

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