Is it OK for adults to drink infant formula?

generally, infant formula is more expensive. In order to meet the needs of the baby’s body, it adds a lot of nutrients. Some people may have said that such expensive and nutritious milk powder must have higher nutritional value than ordinary milk powder. Isn’t it also good for adults to drink it? Although the baby milk powder according to the baby’s different age has the emphasis to add the growth of the necessary nutrients, but suitable for the baby, not necessarily suitable for adults.

infant milk powder is good, but it is not necessarily good for adults. Therefore, there is really no need to think that infant milk powder is expensive and good, so adults use infant milk powder instead of ordinary adult milk powder. Because of the formula, some people’s physique is not suitable for infant milk powder, if there are adverse reactions, the gain is not worth the loss.

according to dairy professionals, infant formula is a kind of artificial food, which is made from the milk of dairy cattle or other animals, other animals and plants, with appropriate nutrients added to simulate the composition of human breast milk. It can provide nutrients for the growth and development of infants and young children. The protein content of

infant formula is much lower than that of ordinary milk and ordinary milk powder, which can not play an adequate nutritional role for adults. Drinking infant formula is not as effective as drinking ordinary milk powder or milk. The content of lactose in infant formula milk powder is very high, the activity of lactase in infant body is very high, the digestive system has strong digestion and absorption ability of lactose and weak digestion ability of protein. But adults on the contrary, many adults after drinking infant formula will appear abdominal distension, diarrhea, bowel sounds and other conditions, which is often called “lactose intolerance”.

experts remind that milk is the first choice for adults to drink dairy products. Secondly, ordinary adult milk powder is more suitable for adults to drink.

people who drink milk powder Xiaobao may have said that sometimes when the milk powder is ready, the baby doesn’t eat it or can’t eat it, and can’t eat it next time. How wasteful it is to pour it out, let’s drink it for adults. This is absolutely no problem, after all, is milk powder, although nutrition can not meet the needs of adults, but there is no harm.

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