Is it OK to drink light salt water to lose weight on an empty stomach in the morning?

losing weight is a common topic for women, so how to lose weight? In fact, many people know that the combination of exercise and diet is the best way to lose weight, but many people do not want to exercise, some do not insist on exercise, so some people will find some folk prescription to lose weight, such as fasting drinking light salt water, so, can drinking water reduce weight? What water can you drink in the morning to lose weight? Let’s take a look.

what are the two kinds of water in the morning? How to drink?

1, the first cup of water in the morning: light salt water bowel detoxification. Some people do not adapt to the brewing milk, so most people go to the toilet directly after drinking milk powder. After soaking the milk powder, don’t eat bread and so on. Finish what you should eat first, rest for two or three minutes, and then drink milk, which is more conducive to defecation.

2, the first bowl of soup in the morning: tremella, medlar and Lily soup

Li Jing has provided a good method for treating constipation that she has practiced, that is, to get up in the morning and drink a bowl of soup that has been stewed all night, such as tremella, medlar and Lily, to get up in the morning and drink it on an empty stomach, it will be convenient in less than ten seconds. Experts believe that this method can not only wake up the sleeping intestines and stomach, but also promote their active peristalsis, accelerate metabolism, so as to promote the discharge of waste in the body.

the following three types of tummy can be reduced by drinking two kinds of water in the morning. If you are fat, you should eat less and move more!

1 and

belong to the type of big stomach. In fact, they don’t have a big stomach, but have a big appetite, which is directly related to bad habits such as eating too fast and not paying attention. You should change your eating habits, such as chewing ten times per bite.

2 and

women’s muscles begin to relax as soon as they are over 30 years old. They not only get fat, but also go to the middle part. This situation is more obvious when they are 40 years old. Sometimes I hear some women sneer that they have a “swimming circle” on their waist, which is the “bucket type”.

3, the big belly type “little belly woman”

, and another type is “big belly type”, which is the type with a larger abdomen below the navel. The big belly type is easy to appear in women after giving birth, mostly because of water.

3. Eat more convenient food

we all know that eating more food with more fiber can promote intestinal peristalsis and help eliminate stool. But what is food fiber?

to put it simply, food fiber is an ingredient in food that cannot be digested and decomposed by human body. Although it does not have any nutritional value, it plays a lot of roles in the intestines. Its greatest contribution lies in the reputation of “intestinal scavenger”. The human body needs food fiber to excrete toxins, which is particularly important for constipated and obese people.

which foods should be eaten more?

brown rice and other cereals;

beans, root vegetables and seaweed had more dietary fiber, such as burdock, carrot, kidney bean, red bean, pea, potato and Undaria pinnatifida;

celery, water bamboo, leek, spinach, Luffa, lotus root, cherry, sour jujube, black jujube, jujube, apple, Yali and other vegetables and fruits;

intake: the Chinese Nutrition Society proposed in 2000 that the appropriate intake for adults is 30g / day“ On this basis, the patients with “Fugui disease” should be increased by 10-15 g / day.

small series also need to remind you that through the way of fiber supplement to increase the sense of fullness of the stomach is also a good way to prevent eating more. However, people with weak gastrointestinal digestion ability should not eat too much crude fiber food at a time, otherwise it will cause abdominal discomfort and affect the absorption of other nutrients such as calcium.

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