Is it OK to eat fruit after dinner?

now many women who love beauty like to eat fruit. They not only have a lot of vitamins and nutrients, but also have beauty and beauty. Now it’s popular to use it to lose weight. In fact, eating fruit is good for health, so when is it good to eat fruit? How about eating fruit before meals? Or fruit after dinner? Let’s find out when it’s best to eat fruit.

when to eat is related to the purpose:

the purpose of everyone eating fruit is different, which determines that friends eat fruit at different times. If there is no food at home and only fruit is left to satisfy the hunger, then this is easier to do. It’s the same before and after meals, because your meal is fruit. Why do

people eat fruit? What role should fruit play in human diet? The diet of traditional Chinese medicine stresses that five grains are used for raising, five livestock for benefiting, five vegetables for filling and five fruits for helping, that is, millet, wheat, rice, millet and Shu are the staple food, which should account for more than half of the diet.

pigs, cattle, sheep these meat further increase nutrition, icing on the cake; Vegetables are used to supplement some trace elements that the human body may lack; As for fruit, it is only used to help digestion. In this way, we can see that the proportion of fruit in the diet should not be very large.

in addition, since it is used to aid digestion, it should have value only when there is something to digest in the intestines and stomach. Therefore, fruit should theoretically be eaten after meals.

what will happen if I eat some fruits before meals:

maybe, my friends will say, I am willing to eat fruits before meals. Well, no one has anything to say. After all, a fruit is unlikely to kill people in most cases. But just to remind you, some fruits must be worse before meals.

Hawthorn: also known as scarlet, rouge fruit. Hawthorn also has a lot of acidic substances. If you eat it on an empty stomach before meals, it will make the stomach acid soar, cause adverse stimulation to the gastric mucosa, easily bloated and pantothenic, and aggravate the original stomach pain. In addition, raw Hawthorn contains tannic acid and gastric acid combined easily to form stones, so the more gastric acid, the easier to form stones.

persimmon: Although persimmon can clear away heat and moisten dryness, moisten lung and remove phlegm, it can not be eaten more, let alone on an empty stomach. Persimmon contains more tannic acid, tannin and fruit acid. These substances will condense into hard lumps and precipitate in the stomach when they meet with gastric acid, forming stones, which are more and more firm and difficult to crush, causing congestion, edema, erosion, ulcer of gastric mucosa, and serious perforation of stomach.

in addition, litchi, papaya, etc. should also be eaten half an hour after a meal to prevent indigestion and to prevent these originally beneficial things from becoming harmful substances.

if friends want to lose weight in the short term and become obese in the long term, they can choose to eat on an empty stomach before meals. Friends who have a history of weight loss all know that to lose weight by eating fruit is only at present. Once it stops, it will rebound, and the rebound will be severe. If you eat too much fruit, it’s easy to become puffy. You still need the right amount for everything.

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