Is it OK to eat vitamin C on an empty stomach?

now many people pay special attention to their health and want to better prevent and treat diseases by supplementing vitamin C, so now many people want to have a comprehensive understanding of how to eat vitamin C on an empty stomach? The following content is a comprehensive introduction of this knowledge, so for some friends who often eat vitamin C, you can have a comprehensive understanding.

vitamin C (referred to as vitamin C) is the body’s most daily vitamin, and is essential for human body activity. It is often used in the prevention and treatment of vitamin C deficiency, infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases and anemia. However, oral vitamin C is not more beneficial, nor is it suitable for everyone. Many people have a lot of misconceptions about vitamin supplementation, which is also the main cause of vitamin deficiency.

1. If the water is too hot, put it into vitamin C effervescent tablets.

the water just taken from the water dispenser is very hot. Put it in vitamin C effervescent tablets. While waiting for it to dissolve, the water will also slowly cool. This is a “time-saving coup” of many people. In fact, although the stability of effervescent tablets is very good, vitamin C in hot water above 80 ℃ will still have a certain loss, which is easy to be oxidized and decomposed. Therefore, the best way is to use warm water about 40 ℃.

2. Put it too long

if your cup is large, you may drink a cup of vitamin C effervescent tablets all morning. Long exposure time in the air will also consume vitamin C. The amount of water used for effervescent tablets has little effect on the absorption of vitamin C. Therefore, 200 ml of boiled water or mineral water can be used each time, so that you can drink it as soon as possible and drink it now.

3. Some people drink

mixed with tea or drink to make effervescent tablets, which may also cause safety hazards. Because the commonly used effervescent disintegrating agent is composed of sodium bicarbonate and hydrochloric acid, and theophylline and other components in tea water will react with vitamin C or disintegrating agent. Drinks generally contain sodium benzoate, which can also react with vitamin C to produce harmful substances?? Benzene.

4. Fasting vitamin is the most suitable

. The molecular structure of vitamin itself is relatively small, and it is easy to be absorbed by the body. If you eat it on an empty stomach, it will lead to an extremely high blood concentration, and the water-soluble vitamin is easy to be excreted through urine. Therefore, in did not eat after the meal again water-soluble health, so as to effectively avoid the loss of nutrition.

is it good to eat vitamin C on an empty stomach? After understanding the above contents, some patients who are willing to supplement nutrition with vitamins and prevent diseases will have a detailed understanding of how to eat vitamin C on an empty stomach? With a specific understanding, in fact, fasting vitamin C, the effect is particularly good, easy to absorb, will not cause the loss of nutrition.

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