Is it OK to eat watermelon in confinement?

confinement means that puerpera should have more rest, eat well, sleep well, and be in a good mood. It’s good for both the baby and puerpera. But how to care in confinement is actually the same. Confinement means that we may have abortion or drug abortion, But for the body, its injury and physical consumption are the same, so small confinement is as important as sitting in confinement.

1. Watermelon can be called “the king of melons”. Watermelon tastes sweet and juicy, refreshing and thirst quenching. It is a good fruit in midsummer. In addition to fat and cholesterol, watermelon contains a lot of glucose, malic acid, fructose, protein amino acids, lycopene and rich vitamin C, which is a kind of nutritious, pure and safe food.

2. Pregnant women should eat more fruits rich in vitamins and dietary fiber during confinement. Such as apple, fresh orange, Xiangjiao. If it is summer, watermelon can be eaten. Eating watermelon in an appropriate amount is not harmful to the spleen and stomach, but also can promote appetite, which is good for health, but don’t eat too much, because watermelon is cool. During confinement, the puerpera is weak, so it’s not suitable to eat more, and it’s better to eat less.

3. People with deficiency of body, cold and weak stomach will suffer from abdominal distension, diarrhea, loss of appetite and accumulation of cold and dampness if they overeat; Watermelon contains a lot of water will dilute the gastric juice, causing indigestion and gastrointestinal resistance. It is easy to cause abdominal pain and diarrhea; It should not be eaten with greasy things; If watermelon is eaten with warm food or drink, the cold and heat are not harmonious, and it is easy to make people vomit.

warm tips: Although fruit is to eat, but also can not eat, especially the choice of breastfeeding mothers, before eating must first understand the nature of this fruit or vegetable, too cold food should not be eaten by mothers.

for girlfriends, whether they are in confinement or in small confinement, the first thing is to learn to adjust their emotions, don’t get angry, don’t get angry. In addition, in diet, we must pay attention not to eat raw and cold stimulating food. In addition, we should not eat watermelon and grapes. In addition, we should also try to avoid eating cold drinks and peppers.

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