Is it really bad to eat ginger at night?

Is it really bad to eat ginger at night?

is it really bad to eat ginger at night?

ancient cloud & lt; Three pieces of ginger in the morning is better than ginseng soup. Ginger in the evening is equal to arsenic& rdquo; Eating ginger in the morning is good for your health, while eating ginger in the evening is bad for your health. Does this statement really make sense?

in fact, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, this view handed down by the ancients has some truth. In the early morning, the Qi in the stomach needs to be raised. Ginger is pungent and warm, and contains gingerol and other active ingredients. Eating ginger can strengthen the spleen and warm the stomach, which is good for the digestion and absorption of food in a day; Pave the way;, And the volatile oil in ginger can speed up blood circulation, excite nerves and make the whole body warm.

in addition, if you get wind cold, drinking ginger soup will also slow down the symptoms of cold. However, at night, the body should be Yang Qi convergence, Yin Qi exuberant, so we should eat more heat clearing, Xiaqi Xiaoshi food, which is more conducive to rest at night, and gingerol contained in ginger can stimulate intestinal peristalsis, which can enhance the spleen and stomach function during the day, and at night may become a major problem affecting sleep and intestinal injury; Secondly, the pungent divergent effect of ginger will affect people’s normal rest at night, and eating pungent ginger at night is also easy to produce internal heat, which will appear over time; Get angry & quot; Symptoms of the disease. It’s like & quot; Arsenic & quot; It’s exaggerating, but it’s bad for sleep. Therefore, eating ginger in the morning is good for the body, and it is not suitable to eat a lot at night. But eating a small amount of ginger at night, such as cooking with ginger as seasoning, will not bring harm to health.

in short, the general principle of eating ginger is that it is suitable for wind cold disease, not for heat disease, suitable for cold constitution, not suitable for heat constitution. Ginger’s biggest role is to prevent wind cold. On the contrary, if the symptoms are fever, dry mouth and sore throat, don’t do it; Add fuel to the fire;. In addition, people with constipation should eat less ginger, because constipation is mostly intestinal heat, at this time, if you eat ginger too much, it will aggravate the symptoms. In particular, we should not eat rotten ginger, which contains toxic substances and can induce liver cancer.

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