Is it really good to drink vinegar on an empty stomach at night?

once there was a popular way to lose weight, that is to drink vinegar. Moreover, in Taiwan and Japan, it was also popular to pickle soybeans with vinegar. Eating this kind of soybeans every morning and evening can reduce weight. They rely on the theory that vinegar can accelerate metabolism and prevent fat accumulation, but many nutritionists doubt this method. But actually, it’s not good to drink vinegar on an empty stomach.

vinegar can appetizer

summer’s sultry makes people lose their appetite. Eating some cool and sour dishes can stimulate their appetite. One of the simple ways is to use vinegar to flavor. For example, use vinegar and olive oil to make oil vinegar salad sauce with lower calorie than thousand island sauce, use vinegar, minced garlic, spicy pepper and other cold seafood, or use vinegar to pickle cucumbers, lotus roots, balsam pear, As an appetizer before meals in summer,

vinegar can stimulate the secretion of gastric acid and help digestion.

moderate amount of vinegar can help some people who originally have less gastric acid secretion. However, people with normal digestive tract function do not need to drink vinegar to improve digestion, No matter how strong your stomach and intestines are, it is not suitable to drink vinegar on an empty stomach, so as not to stimulate the secretion of too much stomach acid and damage the stomach wall. Drinking vinegar between meals, or an hour after a meal, will not stimulate the stomach and intestines, and help digestion along the way.

vinegar can help to absorb calcium.

when cooking spareribs soup, it is better to drink vinegar between meals, A small amount of vinegar can be added to help release calcium from bones, making it easier for us to absorb calcium.

after reading the above statements, it is not difficult to find that many popular vinegar drinking health care methods are mostly personal opinions and feelings, but there is insufficient scientific evidence. In this case, do we still need to be jealous and drink vinegar every day?

up to 1-2 cups of diluted vinegar a day

a small amount of vinegar is OK, but anyone who drinks a lot of vinegar like overturning the vinegar jar will stimulate the gastrointestinal tract too much. In addition, a large amount of sugar is often added to the fruit vinegar or other vinegar drinks on the market. If you drink vinegar instead of boiling water, tea and other drinks, you will add a lot of extra calories. If you drink it for a long time, the chance of obesity will increase greatly,

vinegar can not be consumed in large quantities, especially for some people with stomach diseases, such as those with gastric ulcer or excessive gastric acid secretion. In addition to these, people with sensitive skin also need to pay attention. As for drinking vinegar at night, it’s OK, but you can’t drink it on an empty stomach. You can drink a small spoon of rice vinegar before going to bed every night. If you have the right amount, you can lose weight. So if you want to lose weight, you can try it.

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