Is potato a potato or a sweet potato?

most people don’t know whether potato is a potato or a sweet potato. Understanding this aspect in advance can help us taste more delicious food. Nowadays, potato has become a necessary food on the table of many families. Regular consumption can also effectively supplement various nutrients, We must be curious about whether potato is potato or sweet potato. Let’s make a brief introduction.

1. There are only three plants mentioned in the question: potato, sweet potato and taro. Potato, potato is another name for potato; Sweet potato, sweet potato is another name for sweet potato, also called sweet potato; The scientific name of taro is taro. In the south, it is called taro nipple; The edible parts grow in the soil and are similar in shape. The difference between them is that potato belongs to Solanaceae; Sweet potato belongs to the family Convolvulaceae; Taro belongs to Araceae.

2. Potato is tuber, sweet potato is tuber root

tuber and tuber root

tuber. For example, potato has bud eye, that is “node”. When sowing, it can be cut into pieces with bud eye as a unit. As long as there is bud eye, it can reproduce asexually after sowing?? Like the one above. Potato, potato is another name for potato.

root tuber – for example, if you want to propagate with root tuber, you can’t cut it into pieces, you need to sow the whole seed. Sweet potato, sweet potato is another name for sweet potato, also called sweet potato.

tuber and tuber root are plant nutrient storage organs, most of which are stored underground. The difference is not only whether there are nodes, but also the way of germination. Tuber can produce as many new plants as there are nodes, while tuber root can only sprout one new plant.

is potato or sweet potato? We need to pay close attention to it. Potatoes are very delicious, but we must learn how to make delicious potatoes, so that we can taste more delicious. At the same time, we must not blindly eat potatoes to avoid stomachache caused by some dietary taboos.

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