Is radiation protective clothing effective?

for many pregnant women, there are many different contraindications during pregnancy. In particular, there are many electronic products in our life. We are exposed to different electronic products more or less every day, but the most worrying and frightening thing is the radiation problem caused by electronic products. Therefore, many expectant mothers will buy some radiation protective clothing. So does radiation suit work?

in fact, for pregnant women, serious radiation is indeed very harmful to the mother and the fetus, it is very easy to cause fetal abortion, and will also produce abnormal fetus, so many pregnant women want to buy radiation protective clothing, so in the end, is radiation protective clothing effective?

pregnancy is not easy. You can’t wear high heels, you can’t put on heavy makeup, you can’t eat cold food, you can’t take a hot bath. If that’s all, maybe most women can stand it. The key point is, if you’re told that you can’t use mobile phones, computers or microwave ovens during pregnancy, you should stay away from electrical and electronic products. But the impact of radiation on pregnant women is immeasurable. Therefore, anti radiation clothing for pregnant women should be born in time. Does

anti radiation clothing have effect?

harm of radiation to pregnant women

for pregnant women, serious radiation may cause abortion. The fetus stays in the mother, outside the mother’s uterus and skin block, so generally speaking, when the fetus is formed, as long as the pregnant woman is not in the radiation environment for a long time, or is exposed to high-intensity radiation for a short time, the impact of radiation on the fetus will not be too big. In the first two months of pregnancy, the fetus is extremely vulnerable to radiation. Therefore, it is essential for pregnant women to take appropriate anti radiation measures.

the main principle of anti radiation clothing for pregnant women

the main principle of anti radiation clothing for pregnant women is to use “electromagnetic shielding” to prevent electromagnetic waves from entering the human body, so as to prevent damage to the fetus“ Electromagnetic shielding “means that in the electromagnetic field, dense metal mesh objects move electrons, thus forming the electromagnetic field opposite to the external electromagnetic field, playing the role of magnetic field neutralization, thus eliminating the influence of the magnetic field.

at present, there are mainly two kinds of anti radiation clothing for pregnant women, one is to apply metal coating on the surface of cloth, and the other is to use metal fiber and cloth fiber blended cloth to make clothing. In addition, in order to avoid the secondary damage caused by the reflected electromagnetic wave to other people, there is a special process of radiation protective clothing, which can convert the electromagnetic wave into heat and radiate it invisibly. Most of the radiation protective clothing have significant radiation protection effect. However, because there are still holes in the textiles, even if pregnant women wear radiation protective clothing, they still need to avoid long-term and super intense radiation.

how to choose radiation protective clothing?

when choosing radiation protective clothing, we should not blindly think that the more expensive the effect is, the better. We should also consider the comfort of clothing, so as not to make pregnant women inconvenient and dangerous. The anti radiation effect of metal coated anti radiation clothing is better, but the disadvantage is that it can not be washed. Most of this kind of anti radiation clothing is not as comfortable as the metal fiber blended anti radiation clothing. However, the latter’s anti radiation effect is not as good as the former, but it is enough to block the general level of radiation. The suit can be washed once or twice. In a word, when you choose radiation protective clothing, you should consider the environment you are in and the nature of your work. Of course, the best way is to stay away from radiation pollution as far as possible.

as for the effectiveness of radiation protective clothing, experts told us that most radiation protective clothing can more or less isolate some external radiation problems, and can prevent the fetus from being injured to a certain extent. However, when pregnant women wear radiation protective clothing, they should not contact some electronic products with greater radiation for a long time, Or for a long time in a high radiation environment, otherwise the harm to the fetus will still exist, we must remember!

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