Is rice wine and egg soup on fire?

you must have a clear understanding of the delicious rice wine and egg soup. Every family eats soup every day. It’s a very good habit to develop the habit of drinking soup. Drinking more soup can effectively improve their intestinal digestion ability. Maybe many families have not eaten rice wine and egg soup, Rice wine and egg soup has a special flavor. Let’s know if rice wine and egg soup is on fire.


rice wine is fermented rice brewed from glutinous rice and distiller’s yeast. It has the functions of benefiting qi and activating blood circulation, dispersing cold and eliminating accumulation, killing insects and generating fluid. Especially suitable for the elderly, pregnant women and the weak. Rice wine has the functions of activating blood circulation and dredging meridians, warming cold and tonifying deficiency, refreshing and relieving fatigue, promoting blood circulation and moistening skin. Rice wine contains more than ten kinds of amino acids, eight of which are essential and cannot be synthesized by human body. The content of lysine in rice wine per liter is several times higher than that in wine and beer, which is rare in other nutritious wines in the world, so people call it “liquid cake”.

eggs are rich in vitamins, minerals, protein and other nutrients. They have the effects of strengthening brain and intelligence, protecting liver, preventing cancer, delaying aging, nourishing lung and blood, nourishing yin and moistening dryness, preventing arteriosclerosis and so on.

the method of rice wine and egg soup is as follows:

1, put rice wine and two small bowls of water into the pot, boil over high heat. While boiling, knock the eggs into the bowl

2, and use the egg beater to break the eggs until there are many small bubbles. When the pan is boiling, pour in the egg liquid, and then quickly stir it with a small spoon. When the pan is full of tiny Plumeria, turn off the fire.

is rice wine and egg soup on fire? We need to attach great importance to the content of our friends who often love to be on fire. Friends who often love to be on fire can choose some other soup suitable for themselves, which can also help us achieve the purpose of warming our stomach. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the nutritional balance of other foods and improve the lack of nutrients.

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