Is rock sugar acidic or alkaline

rock sugar is mainly acidic, which may not be understood by many friends, but as long as you understand the structure of rock sugar, you will have a good understanding of the acidity of rock sugar. Rock sugar is mainly formed by the crystallization of granulated sugar, it has white and light gray, and rock sugar has good detoxification and cooling effect, especially suitable for eating in hot summer, I hope you can make good use of it.

is slightly acidic, and the acidity is weaker than sucrose. Rock sugar is a crystal product of granulated sugar. The naturally generated rock candy has white, yellowish, light gray and other colors. In addition, there are various kinds of color rock candy (mainly used for export) added with edible pigments on the market, such as green, blue, orange, reddish, dark red and other colors. Because its crystal is like ice, it is called rock sugar.

rock sugar can increase sweetness and neutralize excess acidity. It is also an excellent seasoning with chrysanthemum, wolfberry, hawthorn, red jujube and so on. It is an excellent product for liver and lung meridian. The quality of rock sugar is pure and not easy to deteriorate. In addition to being used as candy, it can also be used as high-grade food sweetener, preparation of drugs, dipping wine and tonic adjuvant. The general population can eat, diabetes patients avoid eating.

rock candy can be used as candy or snack. The most famous snack is sugar gourd, which is made of plum or Hawthorn wrapped in rock sugar. However, the sugar for making sugar gourd is only boiled sugar, which is not as high as rock sugar. Rock sugar can be used to cook soup, stew or make desserts; The famous “Bingtang Xianglian” is a delicacy of Hunan cuisine in eight major cuisines. There are also such dishes as “sugar Sydney”, “sugar bird’s nest”.

rock sugar is warm and has the effect of relieving cough and resolving phlegm. It is widely used as high-grade tonic and health care products in food and pharmaceutical industry. Old people with sugar can also alleviate dry mouth.

pharmacological action: it can replenish water and sugar in the body, replenish body fluid, supply energy, replenish blood sugar, strengthen heart and diuresis, and detoxify. Indications: its 5% solution is isotonic solution, which is used for all kinds of acute poisoning to promote the excretion of poisons; 10% ~ 50% is high solution, used for hypoglycemia, malnutrition, or for the treatment of heart failure, brain edema, pulmonary edema, etc.

as to whether rock sugar is acidic or alkaline, I believe you all know that rock sugar is acidic food now. For rock sugar, a common food, we suggest that you can have a good understanding of its function in life, and know that rock sugar can be used with those things, which is helpful for eating rock sugar.

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