Is Rooster hair?

Fawu refers to the food that can cause allergy, gastrointestinal and other diseases, and it can also promote inflammation and aggravate the disease. Sometimes, when seeing a doctor, the doctor will instruct the patient to eat less Fawu. The so-called “Fawu” in traditional Chinese medicine refers to the products that move wind to generate phlegm and poison to help fire and evil, which are easy to induce old diseases. Our common chicken belongs to Fawu, In particular, people with a history of allergies had better eat less, the following small series on the specific types of hair. In modern society, the scope of “Fawu” is wide, and some of them even expand. Hair is mainly divided into the following categories:

1, fever of

, such as ginger, Allium macrostemon, leek, mutton, mushrooms, Sichuan pepper, pepper, pepper, etc., eat more fever, where Yin deficiency heat, phlegm fire in the Sheng, body fluid consumption injury avoid.

2. For example, flounder, spring mustard, etc., eat more dynamic Qi, which should be avoided for qi stagnation.


, such as seafood, lanolin, etc. eat more to help dampness and generate phlegm, which should be avoided for diarrhea due to spleen deficiency.

4, blood moving things

, such as arrowhead, pepper and so on, eat more blood, all blood loss diseases should be avoided.

5, cold accumulation of

, such as mussels, snails, watermelons, fresh persimmons, etc., eat more cold, all spleen and stomach deficiency cold should avoid it.

6, hair wind of things

, such as spring mustard, shrimp, crab, goose, etc., eat more hair wind disease, where the external feeling is not clear, sore, sore, sore, sore eyes red people avoid it.

which foods are hair products

according to the folk customs and the diet of suixiju and other documents, the common hair products are

1, vegetables

, Chinese toon head, Brassica, coriander, mustard, spinach, bean sprouts, lettuce, eggplant, water bamboo, leek, bamboo shoot, pumpkin, arrowhead, mushroom, etc;

2, fruit

, peach, ginkgo, mango, apricot, plum, red bayberry, cherry, litchi, melon, etc; There are onion, pepper, ginger, garlic and other spicy and pungent seasoning food;

in addition to the above, vegetable oil, soybeans and so on are also hair products. Sometimes, foods such as meat and fishy food are regarded as hair products, especially for patients with skin diseases such as sore, swelling, chronic eczema and dermatitis, and allergic diseases, Only in this way can you ensure that you will not be in bad health because of eating some food by mistake.

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