Is stainless steel cooking really delicious?

many people choose stainless steel cooking because it won’t rust. They think it will be safer. Of course, we can’t deny the advantages of stainless steel cooking, but it can’t be absolutely right that it won’t rust. Is stainless steel cooking delicious? We need to have a correct understanding of this, in order to improve the protection of their own health.

stainless steel vessels are beautiful and durable. But the unqualified stainless steel pot will have potential safety hazards. Unqualified stainless steel pot is generally over standard chromium. Hexavalent chromium is listed as one of the harmful chemicals to human body, and is one of the internationally recognized carcinogenic metals.

stainless steel is not completely rust free, if long-term contact with acid, alkali substances, will also have a chemical reaction. Therefore, stainless steel tableware containers should not hold salt, soy sauce and vegetable soup for a long time; It should not be used to decoct traditional Chinese medicine. In addition, do not use strong alkaline or strong oxidizing chemicals to wash stainless steel tableware containers to avoid corrosion of products.

in fact, the best way to cook is to use iron pot. The newly bought iron pot is bubbled with brine. Sprinkle salad oil and wipe it. If there is any smell, cut ginger into pieces, heat the pot and wipe it. No pollution, even heating. Chefs use iron pots. Iron pot: the safest pot at present.

recently, experts from the World Health Organization began to recommend the use of iron pots. Iron pots are China’s traditional kitchenware, which generally do not contain other chemicals and will not oxidize. In the process of frying and cooking, there will be no dissolved matter in the iron pot, and there is no problem of falling off. Even if there is dissolved iron, it is good for human absorption. Who experts even believe that cooking in an iron pot is the most direct way to supplement iron.

the iron pot is easy to rust, so it is not suitable to hold food overnight. At the same time, try not to use the iron pot to cook soup, so as to avoid the rust free oil layer on the surface of the iron pot disappear. Brush the pot should also try to use less detergent, and then try to clean the water in the pot. If there is slight rust, use vinegar to clean.

I believe that everyone knows very well whether the stainless steel frying pan is delicious or not. Usually people still need to take it seriously when cooking. After all, the food they eat should be more careful. The most important thing is to take enough nutrition and vitamins to ensure human health and safety. In fact, the iron pot is the best choice for frying.

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