Is starch flour?

when it comes to flour and starch, many people can’t distinguish them. Because the color of flour and starch is the same, they are white powder, and in the process of cooking, sometimes we use starch to thicken and flavor, sometimes we use flour, so many people can’t help asking, is starch flour? What is the difference between the two? How to distinguish the two kinds of powder?

in fact, flour and starch are two completely different objects. Starch is a kind of glucose powder extracted from food containing a lot of starch, which is mostly used to make glucose, alcohol and so on. Flour is the powder ground from wheat, which is mostly used to make dumplings and pastries. Now let’s give you a detailed introduction of starch is flour? The detailed answer to this question.

is starch flour?

when we cook, sometimes we use starch when we thicken, sometimes we use flour, so many friends have questions like this and that. Is starch flour? What’s the difference between starch and flour?

first of all, starch is not flour. Starch is a kind of high polymer of glucose extracted from sweet potato, potato, cassava, corn and other starches. In addition to edible, it is used in industry to make dextrin, maltose, glucose, alcohol and so on. It is also used in the preparation of printing paste, textile sizing, paper gluing, drug tablet pressing and so on. And it’s insoluble in water. Flour is the powder directly milled after wheat peeling.

difference between starch and flour. Flour is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrate and dietary fiber. It tastes sweet and cool. It can nourish the heart and kidney, strengthen the spleen and intestines, remove heat and quench thirst.

2 and

starch is a kind of polysaccharide obtained from the separation of protein and other substances from flour. It is insoluble in water and will swell in hot water to become a viscous translucent colloidal solution. Flour is a kind of powder directly ground from wheat after peeling.

3, appearance

starch is very white, more pure color. Flour is slightly yellow relative to starch.

4 and

starch have astringent feeling. The feeling of hand rubbing starch is very similar to that of fingers rubbing lotus root powder. When rubbing, it feels like somersault. Dip a little flour with your fingers, and then knead it. It’s very smooth.

5 and

are used for cooking. Starch is generally used to make soup. Soup made with starch, such as Porphyra egg flower soup, is clear and sticky, with good taste and vision. Flour is mainly used for making steamed bread and frying (fried dough sticks, loin, fried wings of Kentucky Fried Chicken, etc.).

6 and

flour is more widely used. In addition to thickening, it can also be used to make slim, steamed bread, bread and other foods. Starch is relatively limited in use.


starch has strong gelatinization, hanging on the surface of food when cooking, can protect the nutrition and taste of food inside; Because there is protein in flour, it can’t protect it.

in a word, starch and flour are two different concepts. Flour contains starch, the main component of flour (more than 80%) is starch, the rest is mainly wheat plant protein and a little polysaccharide. Starch is contained in many crops, such as sweet potato, potato, corn, wheat and cassava. If you don’t have starch on hand, you can use flour instead.

after reading the detailed answer to the question “is starch flour”, I believe that those who don’t know how to distinguish flour from starch already know the difference between them. In fact, starch and flour are not the same in other aspects except appearance, such as composition, use, function and so on. Therefore, we must not confuse the two kinds of powdery objects.

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