Is the bag dyed? A few tips to help you easily solve!

? A few tips to help you easily solve!

leather bags are often used. It’s very ugly if they are dyed carelessly, especially the white ones. How to clean the dyed leather bag?

method 1:

if a bag has been dyed, what should be done? You can buy leather bag dyeing agent (available on Taobao), apply it according to the instructions, and then apply a little shoe polish, which can help the leather bag restore its original luster!

method 2:

in order to prevent the leather bag from being dyed, we should often pay attention to rubbing oil, waterproof, sunscreen and fireproof baking. Besides, we can also take a part of formaldehyde (30%) to melt in 3 parts of water, brush the leather bag with this aqueous solution, and then apply insect glue (1 part of shellac and 10 parts of alcohol) after it is dry, so as to reduce the dyeing!

method 3:

under normal circumstances, if the skin dyeing is not serious, you can try to use toothpaste to do cleaning. Choose ordinary toothpaste, squeeze it on the dyed part, brush it gently with the usual brush, and you can brush it off soon.

method four:

, in addition to using a leather dye, a neutral foam cleaner (pure white foam) can also be used, which can be cleaned according to the usual washing bag method.

method 5:

if the dyed surface is not very big, you can also use an eraser to wipe it off, or use essential balm or clean sponge to dip in the shoe polish used to clean shoes.

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