Is the white powder on dried kelp edible? Choose kelp to have a look and smell.

kelp is a kind of food with rich nutritional value. Appropriate intake can help blood coagulation, maintain heart contraction, consolidate bone and tooth health; In addition, kelp also contains alginate, iodine, selenium, omega-3 fatty acids, dietary fiber and other nutrients, which is also very helpful for weight loss. Let’s take a look at it with you.

There is such a description of kelp in dietotherapy materia medica: & lt; Island people love to eat, for no good food, only eat this thing; If you are used to it, you will not get sick& rdquo;

kelp is divided into fresh kelp and dry kelp, fresh kelp is not easy to preserve. In order to keep kelp for a long time, fishermen dried kelp and preserved it. When they want to eat it, they can steam it and soak it. The difference between the two is that there is a layer of white powder on the dried kelp. Many people think it is caused by dampness and mildew of kelp, so they soak and scrub hard before eating. In fact, it is unscientific to do so, because the white powder on kelp is not caused by mildew, it is a natural substance called mannitol, which has the effect of diuresis and detumescence, Mannitol is a good osmotic diuretic and dehydrating agent. It can prevent and treat acute kidney injury, prevent edema and increase of intraocular pressure and intraocular pressure. It plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of brain edema and glaucoma. Therefore, it is widely used in clinic. The main effect of mannitol on renal tubules is to inhibit the reabsorption of water, so that the original osmotic pressure can not be effectively maintained, so as to increase the urine volume, play the role of detoxification and kidney protection.

. However, it should be noted that mannitol is easy to dissolve in water, and mannitol will lose a lot of other nutrients. Therefore, when soaking kelp, it is not suitable to change the water for too long or many times, so as to retain more nutrients.

in order to keep nutrition as much as possible, we need to change the way of foaming. The commonly used method of foaming is to put it directly in cold water, or boil it and then put it in cold water. In this way, it takes 6-15 hours to soak the hair well, and the water has to be changed many times in the middle, resulting in serious nutrient loss. Here is a traditional way for island fishermen to soak kelp. First, it can reduce the loss of mannitol and other nutrients. Second, it can quickly soak kelp.

Methods of kelp foaming:

① do not wash the dried kelp with water, fold it or cut it into 20-30cm long with scissors, put it into the steamer, add enough water into the pot, put the drawer on the pot, steam it over high heat, and start to count the time after boiling, Steam for 10-40 minutes. Why 10-40 minutes? This mainly depends on the taste of the individual: if you like hard point, steam about 10 minutes, if you like soft glutinous point, steam about 40 minutes.

② when the kelp is cool, soak it in cold water for 30-50 minutes. During this period, change the water for 1-2 times. The purpose of changing the water is to make kelp absorb water and bubble better, and to clean the surface of kelp. Why foam for 30-50 minutes instead of longer? As the soaking time is long, the nutrients of kelp are easy to be lost, so the soaking time should be shortened as far as possible.

at this point, kelp is soaked and ready for cooking.

Here is a suggestion:

if the steamer is large enough, it is recommended to steam more at a time for future consumption. Put the steamed kelp in a dry and ventilated place to dry. After drying, there will be mannitol precipitation on the surface of kelp, which is a normal phenomenon. Then cut into pieces 20-30 cm in size and put them into self sealed bags for storage. Later, you can directly use water to soak for 30-50 minutes, and then you can cook directly. Cold, hot, stew, fried are delicious!

you may want to ask, why do you want to dry steam before soaking? The reasons are as follows:

kelp contains alginate, alginate and other substances. Once it absorbs water, it will make the surface of kelp appear viscous colloid and prevent water from further immersion, so it is not easy to cook through. In addition, the nutrients in kelp, such as water-soluble vitamins and minerals, will also be dissolved in water. If they are soaked for a long time, the nutritional value will be reduced.

do you understand? Bid farewell to the habit of directly soaking your hair before you buy it, otherwise you can’t cook it thoroughly and taste bad; Then there is the nutrition contained in good food materials, which will be lost and wasted unconsciously!

we usually buy dried kelp in the market. Most dried kelp has a layer of white powder on its surface. Many people think it’s salt or ash. They will wash off the white powder when they bubble their hair. In fact, it’s a very precious medicinal substance, called & lt; Mannitol;.

the mannitol contained in kelp itself will adhere to the surface of kelp after air drying. It looks like frost and has a sweet taste. In medicine is a good diuretic, has the role of detumescence, as well as anti alcohol, weight loss and anti-cancer antibacterial effect!

mannitol is soluble in water. It is a pity that mannitol is often dissolved when soaking dry kelp! How to soak dried kelp? The best way is to dry steam, steam half an hour later, and then rinse with water, so the kelp looks fresh and crisp to eat!

Choose kelp tips: three see a touch a smell

1, a look at the surface of kelp frost. There is white frost is good kelp, there is no quality is not good.

2, two see kelp color, dry kelp color is darker, gray green and natural is good kelp, emerald green don’t buy.

3, three see kelp is complete, thick, whether there are small holes. If kelp is small and broken, or has a large area of damage or a small hole, do not buy it.

4, feel thick, do not stick to the hand is good kelp.

5, smell the taste, dried kelp also has a strong seafood flavor, if there are other odors, it is best not to buy!

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