Is there any way to solve the problem of new shoes grinding feet?

is there any way to solve the problem of new shoes grinding feet?

in life, new shoes often grind feet, light will be painful and uncomfortable, serious words will grind blisters or peel off, causing harm to feet! What should we do?

1, wedge palm technique

if the new shoes are too small to wear, you can cover them with a wet towel for a few minutes to soften the wet leather, and then pull out the shoes to support them. It will be more comfortable to wear.

2, newspaper wet method

knead the newspaper into a ball, the whole ball with a little water, but not too wet, and then take the dry newspaper will wet newspaper wrapped, stuffed into shoes (must keep tight oh), it can be placed overnight.

3, solid glue dissolving method

. After dissolving with solid glue, drop it on the decorative nail of grinding foot. You can stick a small piece of soft cloth after glue and before glue hardens. Just be careful.

4, rolling method

if the edge of the new leather shoes is worn, wet towel can be used to cover the worn part for a few minutes to make it moist and soft, and then cylindrical objects (such as glass bottles) can be rolled and pressed several times to make the worn part smooth, so that the worn part will not be worn again.

, the liquor immersion method

will Baijiu (25 grams) into the new leather shoes, shaking several times, after one hour to wear, the cortex is no longer hard, and shoes no longer pinch. If the leather shoes are worn on the edge, for example, the heel is placed, the wet paper towel can be dried and thoroughly soaked in Baijiu, and a clip is used to fix the leather shoes at the foot of the grinding place. After placing them for one night, they will not wear their feet for second days.

6, anti-wear stickers

buy special anti-wear stickers for grinding feet. It’s a bit like a band aid, but it’s much softer.

7, hammering method

if the sole of a new shoe is worn, it can be put on the crutch of the shoe, and then it can be knocked with a hammer to smooth the ground foot. How to do with the heel of the new shoe is solved. If there is no shoe crutch, it can also be replaced by other iron tools.

8, put on socks + hair dryer

, put on socks first, then put on new shoes, use the hot air of hair dryer to blow for a few seconds in the place where the feet will grind, you can try to move your feet while blowing to stretch, when the shoes are cold, then take off the socks, the shoes will become better.

9, apply Vaseline

. Apply vaseline to the part of shoes that will grind feet, and then place it for two days. During this period, continuously apply Vaseline for maintenance. After two days, the leather of the part of shoes that will grind feet will become much softer and smoother.

fish mouth shoes grinding foot solution:

1, use a hair dryer to heat the fish mouth shoes and wear them again. After walking for a period of time, the fish mouth shoes will naturally cool down. At this time, the fish mouth shoes will not grind feet again.

2. After soaking with a towel, cover the part where the fish mouth shoes don’t fit, and then blow with a hair dryer. Use band aids or buy anti-wear transparent silica gel round stickers for sale. Stick them inside. If you can’t see them outside, it’s OK!

3. Stick adhesive tape on the place where shoes and feet are worn. After a period of time, you won’t wear your feet too much.

4. Fold the piece that grinds your feet in and concave it. It’s like stepping on a slipper. It’ll be much better after a few days.

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