Is this food poisonous?

Is this food poisonous?

are these foods poisonous?

although some ingredients have been considered very healthy, in fact, some of them also have toxic parts. If food poisoning is caused by eating by mistake, the consequences are very serious. Now let’s get to know it with Xiaobian!

1, string beans

we all eat string beans after cooking. There is a scientific basis for this. Don’t go on eating raw because you are curious about the taste of the fourth quarter. There is phytocoagulant in raw kidney beans. How to deal with kidney beans? Soak in water for a few hours before cooking.

2, tomato

, tomato has the effect of disease prevention and skin care. Summer in the sun’s irradiation, ripe red tomatoes are particularly delicious. However, only the fruit part of the tomato is edible. The leaves and stems contain alkaline toxin. Be careful not to let children eat by mistake or mix them in salads.

3, apple seed

, you all have the experience of spitting apple seed when eating apple. In fact, this is also not allowed. In addition to apple seeds, cherry and peach seeds also contain a toxin called hydrogen cyanide. Therefore, the seeds belong to the inedible part. Be sure to clean the seeds and eat only the fruit.

4, nutmeg

nutmeg is used as seasoning in cooking. But nutmeg has a certain anesthetic, if excessive consumption will produce hallucinations and other signs of poisoning. Not only hallucinations, but also sudden symptoms such as spasms, and even death. Therefore, nutmeg must not be used wantonly.

5, sprouting potatoes

. After a long time, potatoes will sprout one after another. At the same time, it will become wrinkled and green. Absolutely can’t think should be all right, but cook with such potato. There is an alkaloid toxin in the leaves, stems, skins and buds of potatoes. The toxin will grow if it is stored for too long and placed in direct sunlight. Therefore, it is suggested that we eat and buy as much as possible, avoid direct sunlight and eat as soon as possible.

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