Is towel gourd suitable for pregnant women at ordinary times?

the nutrition of towel gourd is very rich. It can be used to make both vegetables and soup, and can also be used as a side dish and other food to make soup together. Anyway, whatever we choose, its nutrition is the best for all ages, So pregnant women in the end how to eat loofah will make the nutrition of loofah better for our pregnant women and baby absorption, let’s learn it together.

pregnant women eat loofah benefits: 1, ascorbic disease: pregnant women eat an appropriate amount of loofah can be anti septicemia. Because towel gourd is rich in vitamin C, there are 8 mg in every 100 grams, which can be used to fight scurvy and prevent various vitamin C deficiency.

2, promote fetal brain development: because Luffa is rich in vitamin B, it is particularly conducive to fetal brain development. So in order to fetal brain development, pregnant women can eat some Luffa.

3, promoting blood circulation and milk circulation: Luffa has the functions of cooling plate, relieving heat toxin, activating blood vessels, dredging meridians and collaterals, expelling phlegm and milk circulation. Pregnant women before childbirth, can eat some towel gourd, help postpartum milk.

4. Tranquilizing the fetus and nourishing the spirit: in the nutrition monograph “suixiju diet spectrum”, it is recorded that Luffa can tranquilize the fetus: Luffa is a Tianluo, sweet and cool, heat clearing and detoxification, tranquilizing the fetus, lactating, swelling clearing and phlegm resolving. So pregnant women eat towel gourd, is beneficial, for postpartum insomnia pregnant women is a good food.

precautions: towel gourd is cool. It has many functions, such as heat clearing, phlegm resolving, blood cooling and detoxification. It is suitable for cooking when it is tender, but it is not suitable for medicine if it is old.

Luffa has high nutritional value and is suitable for all people to eat, but for pregnant women in special groups, it is better to eat less. In addition, pregnant women should not eat raw Luffa, such as cold Luffa or uncooked Luffa, and old Luffa. The old Luffa here is Luffa elder, Of course, we still according to the constitution of pregnant women to decide whether they can eat Luffa.

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