Is Ximei on fire?

people who like to eat sweet and sour food must also like to eat Ximei. This is a common snack, which can be seen everywhere in the supermarket. Now there are so many kinds of snacks, so we can choose whatever flavor we like. Some people have to eat until they lose their teeth, which is not good. Like to eat things also have a degree, any good things to eat more will be harmful to the body, so in daily life also want to control their appetite.

some people have other problems with Ximei. I don’t know if Ximei will get angry after eating too much. Prunus mume is also called California plum. This is because this kind of plum originally came from California, so it is called California plum. Eating plum will not be inflamed, but it will cause other damage to the body, so you can take a look at the efficacy of plum.

Chimonanthus mume not only tastes good, but also contains rich nutrients, including vitamin A, iron, zinc, potassium and other trace elements. It has a strong effect on the body supplement of the elderly and children, especially for helping the elderly to strengthen their body and bones. Of course, it is also very good for supplementing various vitamins. Chimonanthus mume has many effects, Its specific effects are as follows:

1, Prunus mume is rich in nutrients, including cellulose, vitamin A, minerals, trace elements, etc. Ancient Chinese medicine dietotherapy professionals: eat three medium-sized plum, is equivalent to eating a fresh fruit fiber content.

2, Ximei is not just a snack, it can be made into a variety of delicious food with various raw materials. Ximei can not only be eaten as a snack, but also as a dish. It’s very suitable for salads, pastries, staple foods and ingredients.

3, Prunus mume is rich in vitamin A and cellulose, and also contains minerals such as iron and potassium, but does not contain fat and cholesterol.

4 and prune can help the elderly supplement iron, zinc and potassium, strengthen the body and bones, and increase various vitamins for children.

5. Prunus mume is rich in fiber and has always been a “good” fruit for defecation. Since Prunus mume can only be eaten in summer, it should be replaced by Prunus mume juice and dried Prunus Mume on weekdays. However, both of them have higher sugar content and higher calories.

6, prune can be used to process other foods, such as prune, prune juice, Prune Cake, etc. it can be carried with you, which is not only good for your mouth, but also good for your health.

7. In addition, Prunus mume can relieve constipation, prevent anemia, maintain skin vitality, and resist oxidation.

these are the effects of Prunus mume. Many friends certainly didn’t expect that Prunus mume would have so many effects, because we usually eat it as snacks. Now is the World Cup Carnival time, in the leisure time to eat Ximei is also good for the body, especially those fans who want to stay up late to watch the ball, can give the body some vitamins.

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