Is Xinyang Maojian green tea

Xinyang Maojian is actually very common and common when we drink tea. Although there are many kinds of belief in Maojian, it is also called yumaofeng. It is one of the top ten famous teas in China and a famous specialty in Henan Province. However, some people are not very clear about whether Xinyang Maojian is green tea. Let’s get to know and believe in Maojian.

if we want to know whether Xinyang Maojian is green tea, it’s actually a good answer. Xinyang Maojian, which we usually drink, is actually a kind of green tea. The concept of green tea itself is also the general term of green inorganic tea. Therefore, Xinyang Maojian is a kind of green inorganic tea. Compared with other ordinary green tea, it’s nutritious, The composition is much higher.

Xinyang Maojian is one of the famous local specialties in Henan Province. It is famous at home and abroad for its unique style of “thin, round, light, straight, more Baihao, high fragrance, strong taste and green soup”. So Xinyang Maojian is not only a kind of green tea, but also a kind of natural inorganic green tea with high quality and nutritional value! The content of amino acid, catechin, coffee, aroma and water extract in Xinyang Maojian was better than that in southern tea area.

the well-known producing areas of Xinyang Maojian are Wuyun (cheyun, Jiyun, Yunwu, Tianyun, Lianyun), Liangtan (Heilongtan, Bailongtan), Yishan (zhenleishan), yizhai (hejiazhai), Yisi (Lingshan Temple). Xinyang Maojian tea picking period is divided into three seasons: spring tea before and after Guyu, summer tea before and after mangzhong, autumn tea before and after autumn. Only a small amount of “paoshanjian” was collected before and after the valley rain, and “Maojian before the rain” was regarded as a treasure. During the tea picking season, the tea picking girls dressed in red and green all over the country are like fairies.

is Xinyang Maojian green tea? The answer is very positive. Xinyang Maojian is a kind of green tea. Xinyang Maojian is famous for its rich nutrients, excellent texture, good taste and long aftertaste. We need to know more about this knowledge.

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