It is better to eat Chinese yam raw or cooked

Yam raw or cooked is better

yam tonifying spleen and stomach is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine 6667

yam is a plant of dioscoreaceae; Dioscorea zingiberensis & quot; The tuber is sweet and smooth. It enters the lung, spleen and kidney channels《 It is pointed out in Shennong’s materia medica classic that Chinese Yam & lt; It can be used to treat middle injury, tonify deficiency, eliminate cold and heat evil Qi, and tonify middle Qi& rdquo;《 In the compendium of Materia Medica, it is also written that Chinese Yam & quot; Yishenqi, jianpiwei, Zhixie Lihua phlegm saliva, run fur& rdquo;

yam can not only Nourish Qi and nourish yin, but also nourish Yin instead of stagnation. Chinese medicine is often used to treat diarrhea due to spleen deficiency, asthenia cough, forgetfulness, fever, seminal emission, frequent urination, nocturnal urine, night sweats, diabetes and other diseases.

Japanese yam can be eaten raw or cooked in daily life. However, because of the taste, Japanese yam is more suitable for raw food, and Taiwan native yam is suitable for cooked food. Japanese yam is often eaten raw with ground mud. Its taste is very sticky and smooth. It contains polysaccharide and mucin. The real component of these viscous substances is food fiber, which is the food source of beneficial bacteria in the intestine. Therefore, it can help the whole intestine, improve immunity, beautify and nourish the face, and increase resistance.

eat raw yam to retain nutrition, eat too much easy diarrhea

due to the cooking temperature is too high, will affect the role of enzymes in yam, therefore, raw yam can maintain the original taste of yam, and reduce the loss of nutrients. However, raw yam is easy to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, for intestinal sensitive people, may have symptoms of diarrhea.

Chinese yam is easy to constipate if it is overcooked. In Taiwan, Chinese yam is also commonly used in Sishen soup. It tastes like potato. It’s a processed yam. It must be cooked. Cooked yam has the functions of invigorating spleen and lung, nourishing kidney and liver, strengthening essence and astringency.

so called & lt; Astringent effect & quot; It is used to stop bleeding, stop perspiration, or take back the liquid flowing out of the body. If you eat too much, it will reduce the lubricating liquid in the large intestine. If there is no liquid in the gastrointestinal tract, it is easy to produce constipation. Therefore, people with poor defecation are not suitable to take yam. However, under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, cooked yam is particularly effective in treating infantile diarrhea.

can yam strengthen Yang? On the other hand, it is widely spread in the market; Yam can strengthen yang;. In fact, although Chinese yam can nourish the liver and kidney, the effect of strengthening yang is not good, but for premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea, and women’s leucorrhea, it has a very good effect; Strengthening the essence and stopping the bleeding & quot; The improvement effect of the system is better.

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