It is harmful to eat dinner like this

It’s dangerous to eat dinner like this. Among the three meals in a day, Chinese people have the most varied dinners. Some people eat fish and meat, some eat porridge, and some don’t eat at all. The time span is from five or six o’clock in the evening to one or two o’clock in the morning. In this dinner Crisis & quot; Among them, cancer and digestive experts say the following six kinds of dinners are the most harmful to the body.

excessive drinking can damage nerves, liver and stomach.

whether you are happy or miserable, invite three or five friends; Booze & quot; It’s a choice for a lot of people. Alcohol can make the nervous system of the human body from excited to highly inhibited, and even destroy the normal function of the nervous system. Although beer is lower than Baijiu liquor, entering the stomach can reduce the secretion of prostaglandin E, resulting in congestion and edema of gastric mucosa, loss of appetite and upper abdominal distension. Baijiu beer is more terrible to drink, it will accelerate the penetration of alcohol in the Baijiu, and damage organs such as liver, stomach, intestine and kidney. Some people will be drunk and not wake up after dinner, so it is easy to have accidents in their sleep.

therefore, it is best not to drink alcohol, especially 4 to 6 hours before going to bed. If the wine bureau can’t refuse, it’s better to have a cup of warm milk to protect the gastric mucosa before drinking. It should be noted that Baijiu and beer should not be iced. They can drink some green tea to drink. Moderate red wine is much better than Baijiu and beer.

too much processed meat increases the risk of cancer.

barbecue is a lot & lt; Carnivores & quot; The protagonist at our dinner table. Eating too much barbecue, smoked sauce meat food for dinner, such as red sausage, barbecue, not only poor nutrition, but also affect digestion. In the process of barbecue food, there will be & lt; Maillard reaction;, Although the smell is fragrant, it affects the digestion and absorption of protein. In addition, carnivorous meals and vegetables are not enough and exercise is reduced, which can easily lead to obesity and even increase the risk of breast cancer and colorectal cancer. Therefore, dinner party should be far away from barbecue, and patients with hypertension, coronary heart disease and the elderly with impaired digestion and absorption function should pay more attention. Try to stew, boil and stew with less oil and less salt.

did not eat dinner, stomach hungry,

nerve involvement. In the world of weight loss & lt; Not eating at Noon & quot; It’s very popular. It’s not fat that you lose, it’s your health. The emptying time of food in the stomach is about 4-6 hours. After emptying, the stomach will continue to secrete gastric acid. If there is no food neutralization, gastric acid will erode the gastric mucosa for a long time. Most weight-loss women do not eat staple food after dinner, and did not increase animal food and bean products, or just increased a little vegetables, tomatoes, cucumbers and other low carbohydrate food, protein intake decreased seriously, but also led to a variety of vitamins and minerals deficiency. In addition, due to the high energy consumption of overtime workers, not having dinner will keep their nerves excited and can not get normal rest, which will affect the efficiency of work and study the next day.

desserts thicken waistline.

greasy spicy not to eat, dessert can always be it! But eating dessert for dinner is also risky. Desserts are mostly high sugar (or high starch), high-fat food, such as cookies, cheesecake, chocolate biscuits and so on. If you eat too much sugar or fat at night, the amount of exercise is much less than that in the daytime, which is easy to cause obesity; The metabolism of refined sugars in the body will consume vitamins and minerals, often eating refined sugars will cause vitamin, calcium and potassium deficiency and other nutritional problems. Therefore, it’s not a good idea to eat dessert at night, especially for obese people, women, patients with dental caries and senile cataract.

too spicy hurt the stomach, disturbing sleep.

the disadvantages of eating spicy food for dinner are as follows: first, chilli, Chinese prickly ash, pepper, garlic, ginger and other ingredients do great damage to the intestines and stomach. Second, capsaicin and other irritant properties contained in pepper can stimulate the human tongue tip, and then stimulate the central nervous system of the brain and nerve endings of various parts of the body, resulting in rapid heartbeat, rising body temperature and long-term excitement, resulting in late sleep and poor sleep quality.

therefore, spicy food is a minefield for dinner, especially for people suffering from stomatitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, peptic ulcer, gastroenteritis, cholecystitis, chronic pancreatitis and hypertension.

be careful of nitrite when you always eat leftovers.

nitrite will combine with amines in the stomach to form nitrosamines, which is a primary carcinogen. Some lazy and frugal people will eat leftovers at noon to kill themselves. Domestic scholars once experimented with putting leftovers at noon into the refrigerator and heating them up after 6 hours (that is, dinner time). It was found that the content of nitrite increased. The content of fried green vegetables increased by 16%, and the content of braised pork increased by 70%, which exceeded the national “limits of pollutants in food”. After 18 hours (that is, breakfast time of the next day), the content of nitrite in all dishes exceeded the national standard. Therefore, it’s best to finish cooking at one time. If leftovers are left, they should be put into the refrigerator immediately after cooling. The storage time should not be too long, it is better not to eat every other meal, it is best to eat in 5 hours. Fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish and other high protein, the best meal to do, otherwise left to eat is not good for the pancreas. Meat must be thoroughly heated, preferably for more than 10 minutes, or microwave heating for more than 1 minute. Don’t eat leftovers of hot water or vegetable soup to avoid incomplete heating.

how to have a good dinner?

first, the best time for dinner is around 18:00-20:00, the stomach takes 3 hours to digest food. Dinner is too late, stomach is still working hard & lt; Work;, People go to bed, easy to cause stomach disease.

second, it is best to choose foods rich in tryptophan, such as millet and seaweed. Tryptophan can produce melatonin and regulate sleep. Also eat more milk, eggs, animal liver and other foods rich in vitamin B12 and wheat, cabbage and other foods rich in vitamin B6. Vitamin B12 can help to eliminate anxiety, while vitamin B6 is good for sleeping.

third, eat seven full. Seven percent satiety refers to the fact that the stomach is not full yet, but the enthusiasm for food has begun to decline and the speed of eating has slowed down. Although you still want to eat more, if you take away the food, you can’t remember to eat any more. In addition, it’s better to chew dinner slowly, chew a meal about 20 times, and chew 25 ~ 50 times for the elderly.

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