It is healthy to eat egg yolk

Eat eggs to eat yolk to be healthy

eat eggs to eat yolk to be healthy

eat eggs should not exclude yolk. There are five reasons:

1, dietary cholesterol can lead to heart disease is not scientific

many people have this understanding, dietary cholesterol is harmful, should try to avoid, but the fact is that the body needs cholesterol, it has many important functions, such as building and repairing cells. Studies have shown little association between dietary cholesterol and high blood cholesterol levels. The liver itself produces cholesterol, so if you have more cholesterol in your diet, the liver will produce less.

2, egg yolk is rich in nutrients

, egg yolk contains antioxidants, vitamin B12, vitamin A, iron, selenium, biotin, phosphorus, choline, and other micronutrients. Choline, especially in the United States, is an important nutrient that promotes brain function, nervous system, and detoxification of the body.

3. Eating comprehensive food helps to digest

. Eating some parts of food, such as egg white, will make the body feel that it doesn’t eat the whole food. That is to say, the body will have the desire for other parts of the food, so it’s better to finish the food completely.

4. Eggs are one of the most perfect forms of protein.

eggs are very popular in the fitness industry. They are a great source of protein, rich in all essential amino acids, and each egg contains about 6 grams. Both vegetarians and meat eaters can get protein from eggs.

5, the whole egg is also very delicious

eating only egg white may taste boring, and even make people start to look for liquid eggs; Substitutes;, They lose nutrients during processing and don’t taste as good as eggs themselves.

experts suggest that you should choose local organic eggs, which are more nutritious, and avoid eating antibiotic eggs.

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