It is necessary to have Ophiopogon japonicus

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Summer tea can’t be without Ophiopogon japonicus

summer tea can’t be without Ophiopogon japonicus

many people make their own in summer; Jieshu tea;, It’s just black plum, tangerine peel, chrysanthemum, rock sugar and so on. In fact, there is a traditional Chinese medicine must be put, is Ophiopogon japonicus. Because Ophiopogon japonicus can not only replenish Yin, but also enter the heart meridian, and summer is the season that traditional Chinese medicine says is the easiest to get on the heart fire.

Ophiopogon japonicus is commonly used to tonify lung yin and treat cough. Indeed, Ophiopogon japonicus is suitable for cough caused by dryness or yin deficiency. Especially in the dry spring and autumn season, Ophiopogon japonicus and black plum soak in water together. One is sweet and the other is sour. Acid and sweet turn Yin, which just solves the problems of dry mouth and tongue, dry cough and no phlegm caused by Yin deficiency and dryness.

because Ophiopogon japonicus can nourish the heart Yin, which is aimed at a series of problems related to the heart, especially when the heart rate is fast, the heart is flustered, and the voice is weak. 10 grams of Ophiopogon japonicus is matched with 10 grams of ginseng or American ginseng, which is a good compensation for the exhaustion of the body caused by the hot weather in summer.

3-5 black plum, 10g tangerine peel, 10g Ophiopogon japonicus, and some rock sugar. It’s a perfect choice for summer; Jieshu Tea & quot; Formula. The reason why tangerine peel is added is that the weather is humid in summer, and people are prone to get wet in this season. Once the dampness pathogen stays in the body, people will not want to eat, and they will feel heavy all over. And tangerine peel is warm, the biggest role is dry and wet, add in the tea, but also make the taste a bit thick.

if you sweat a lot in summer, and even feel empty after sweating, you are more tired than before; Jieshu Tea & quot; Add 10 grams of Schisandra to it. The sour taste of Schisandra can not only reduce the abnormal sweating, but also improve the sleep quality, especially for people who wake up early at three or four o’clock in the morning, most of them are due to blood deficiency, which has something to do with the dissipation in summer, and Schisandra can reduce the dissipation, so this antipyretic tea increases the effect of sleep.

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