It is recommended that the food with magical effect of reducing fire

. Fire is a very common disease. There are many reasons for it, such as eating food easy to catch fire, overwork and so on. What should we do when we catch fire? Is there any way to reduce fire, When the weather is dry, for example, in autumn and winter, the climate is relatively dry, especially in the northern part of China, where the weather is dry, we will also lack water, And the lack of water in the body is very easy to cause fire.

fire many people have appeared, especially in winter when fire is more common, so what do we eat to reduce fire? In fact, there are a lot of fire food, but we don’t know much about it. What are the fire food? Many fruits also have the effect of reducing fire, which fruits can reduce fire? If you want to know, you must keep watching.

2. Bad eating habits:

diet also plays a big role. If you often eat spicy food or greasy food, it is easy to get angry, such as pepper, dog meat, orange and so on. If you eat more of these foods, you will easily get angry, and you should pay attention not to drink too much, It can also cause fire.

3, lifestyle factors:

bad habits are not only easy to cause fire, but also cause great harm to our body, such as often staying up late, excessive pressure, or mental tension, so it is very important to develop good habits, not to stay up late, drinking, timely release of pressure is also very important.

4, long-term consumption of tonics:

although tonics have certain benefits to the body, we can not ignore the side effects it will produce, because the general tonics are hot hair products, such as red ginseng, Korean ginseng, bowling ginseng, antler glue, donkey hide gelatin and other hot tonics; Get angry & quot; Don’t eat when you eat.

How to heat up

1. The food should be soft, crisp, easy to digest and absorb. The non-staple food should be steamed, stewed and cooked. Eat less fried, fried and other greasy things that are difficult to digest.

2. Take more water to supplement the loss of water when the body gets hot. It can promote metabolism, generate fluid and diuresis, accelerate the excretion of toxins and the emission of heat.

3. Do not eat spicy and hot food, such as pepper, dried ginger, raw garlic, pepper, strong tea, tobacco, liquor, coffee, scallion, etc. to avoid heat, burn body fluid and aggravate the disease.

4. Those who have a real fire should eat more cold and heat clearing food, such as mung bean, eggplant, wax gourd, towel gourd, bitter gourd, etc., and those who help yang to promote heat should be taboo, such as leek, mutton, dog, sparrow, sorghum, longan, cherry, apricot, etc.

What to eat to reduce fire

many people have been on fire, especially in winter when the fire is more common, so what we eat to reduce fire? In fact, there are a lot of fire food, but we don’t know much about it. What are the fire food? Many fruits also have the effect of reducing fire, which fruits can reduce fire? If you want to know, keep watching.

first: bean products

in winter, we should eat more bean products, can effectively reduce the fire, and can also alleviate the symptoms of fire, bean products have the effect of clearing lung and resolving phlegm, more suitable for winter consumption.

second: green tea

green tea in the effect of reducing fire is also good, we know that green tea is cold food, after drinking can remove the fire in our body, in winter we are more prone to dry mouth, sore throat and other symptoms, at this time can drink a little green tea to alleviate, however, it should be noted that people with spleen and stomach deficiency cold should not drink.

third: boiled water

the climate is dry in winter. At this time, many people will be short of water. So it’s necessary to replenish water in winter. It’s good to drink boiled water. You can also drink light salt water or honey water.

fourth: wax gourd

wax gourd has the effect of clearing heat and detoxification, as well as the effect of nourishing stomach, clearing heart fire and skin fire. Eating wax gourd in moderation is very helpful for reducing fire.

fifth: tomato

tomato itself belongs to cold food, but also has the effect of clearing heat and detoxification, rich in vitamin C and vitamin A, etc., to prevent gingival bleeding caused by fire, oral ulcer is good.

sixth: milk

traditional Chinese medicine believes that milk is flat and sweet, can nourish yin, is conducive to clearing heat and defecation, but pay attention not to freeze milk into ice to eat.

seventh: Celery

celery taste bitter, with the removal of liver fire, for gingival swelling and pain, red face and ears have auxiliary effect.

Food for reducing fire

No.1: balsam pear

bitter food is the natural enemy of fire. Balsam pear is the first choice here. Studies have found that bitter foods contain urea, alkaloids and other bitter substances, which can eliminate fatigue, relieve heat and relieve heat. Therefore, no matter how you make balsam pear, as long as you keep it yellow and black, you can achieve the goal of removing fire. Moreover, famous doctors of all ages regard balsam pear as a good food for clearing away heat, removing internal fire and improving irritability in summer. In addition to balsam pear, bitter vegetables, almonds and celery can clear away heat.

second: Sydney

pear is a well-known fruit for reducing fire. Eating pear is good for extinguishing fire; Fire & gas; It’s very helpful. Sydney is not only fresh and juicy, sweet and sour, but also contains plenty of water. Therefore, it’s an excellent choice to eat more Sydney to reduce fire. Sydney also contains a lot of plant fiber components, often eat can improve constipation and protect gastrointestinal health, but also alleviate the body water loss caused by high temperature. But pears are cold. Stomach cold and spleen deficiency diarrhea do not eat.

third: white radish

as the saying goes: & lt; Eat radish in winter and ginger in summer;, Radish is called “Radish” by the people; Little ginseng;, It makes perfect sense. Radish not only has high nutritional value, but also is a good hand to prevent fire. Radish has a good effect of clearing away heat and phlegm for people who have already suffered from qi stagnation and even phlegm. White radish is not only a vegetable, but also a kind of fruit which can reduce fire


although banana is a tropical fruit, it has the functions of clearing heat and thirst, clearing stomach and cooling blood, moistening intestines and defecating, reducing blood pressure and diuresis. Banana longevity, suitable for all ages, is the first choice for weight loss. It is suitable for upper gastrointestinal ulcer, pulmonary tuberculosis and intractable dry cough.


grapefruit is rich in vitamin C, natural citric acid and various inorganic salts. It not only helps liver, stomach, lung and other functions, but also has the effects of clearing away heat, relieving cough and resolving phlegm.


Apple has the effect of promoting body fluid, relieving thirst, moistening lung and strengthening spleen. If you don’t know what kind of fruit is better, eating apples is definitely a good choice. Apple is rich in nutrients, and there is also a Western proverb; An apple a day keeps disease away from me;. We can see the benefits of apple.


pitaya not only tastes sweet, but also has high nutritional value. It integrates the advantages of fruits, flower buds, vegetables and medicine. It not only has rich nutrition and unique function, but also has few diseases and insect pests. It can grow normally without using any pesticide. Therefore, pitaya is a kind of green, environmental protection fruit and health nutrient food with certain curative effect. In addition, pitaya is negative, and has the effect of clearing away heat and toxin, and reducing intestinal fire. Pitaya also has a great effect on fire. Moreover, eating pitaya can also improve beauty.

conclusion: the above content is for you to collect and sort out the relevant knowledge about Shanghuo. We have already introduced what to eat to reduce fire. Winter is dry season, and the fire is also relatively strong. At this time, we can eat more food to reduce fire. In terms of eating fruits, we should also choose some fruits that can reduce fire. Of course, there is no need to do this when there is no fire.

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