It is recommended to drink healthy vegetable juice for detoxification and beautification. Fresh juice should not be

vegetable juice is made from various vegetables. In addition to delicious dishes, vegetables and fruits can also be made into fruit and vegetable juice drinks rich in antioxidants. Fresh fruit and vegetable juice can effectively supplement vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and other mineral nutrients for the human body, adjust the coordination of human function, enhance cell vitality and gastrointestinal function, promote the secretion of digestive juice and eliminate fatigue. The method of making vegetable juice is very simple. Wash the vegetables and cut them into small pieces. Put them into the juicer and stir them. When drinking, season them with sugar or honey. The following introduces the dietotherapy and health care effects of several common vegetable juices.

Carrot juice

drinking a certain amount of fresh carrot juice every day can improve the condition of the whole body. Carrot juice can improve people’s appetite and resistance to infection. Lactating mothers drink more carrot juice every day, and the quality of milk secreted is much higher than that of mothers who don’t drink this kind of juice. People with ulcers, drinking carrot juice can significantly reduce symptoms, carrot juice can also relieve conjunctivitis and maintain the entire visual system.

celery juice

celery taste fragrant, can enhance people’s appetite. When the weather is dry and hot, drinking a cup of celery juice in the morning will make you feel much better. You’d better drink some celery juice between meals. Celery juice can also be used as diuretic, laxative and antihypertensive drugs. Because the root and leaf of celery are rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, C and P, celery juice is especially suitable for people with vitamin deficiency.

Chinese cabbage juice

Chinese cabbage, also known as Chinese cabbage. Chinese cabbage has a good effect on promoting the recovery of hematopoietic function, anti angiosclerosis, preventing sugar from turning into fat and preventing serum cholesterol deposition. Vitamin A in Chinese cabbage juice can promote children’s growth and prevent night blindness. The selenium in Chinese cabbage juice not only helps to prevent and cure amblyopia, but also helps to enhance the bactericidal power of white blood cells and resist the toxicity of heavy metals. When gum infection causes periodontal disease, drinking the mixed juice of cabbage and carrot can not only supply a large amount of vitamin C for human body, but also clean the mouth.

Cucumber juice

the medical value list of cucumber juice arranged by medical experts ranked the first in diuretic effect. Cucumber juice also plays an important role in strengthening the heart and blood vessels. It can regulate blood pressure and prevent myocardial over tension and atherosclerosis. Cucumber juice can also make the nervous system calm and strong, can enhance memory. Cucumber juice has certain effect on gingival damage and periodontal disease. Cucumber juice contains many elements that hair and nails need to prevent hair loss and nail splitting. Cucumber juice contains less fat and sugar, so it is an ideal diet drink. Tomato juice is

. Medical experts believe that if you eat 2-3 tomatoes a day, you can meet the needs of vitamin C in one day. Drink a few cups of tomato juice, you can get half of the vitamin A you need day and night. Tomato contains a lot of citric acid and malic acid, which is beneficial to the metabolism of the whole body. It can promote the generation of gastric juice and strengthen the digestion of greasy food. Vitamin P in tomato can protect blood vessels, prevent and treat hypertension, and improve heart function. In addition, often drink tomato juice can make the skin healthy. Tomato juice mixed with apple juice, pumpkin juice and lemon juice can also play the role of weight loss!

6 Not suitable for

1, fresh fruit juice should not add sugar, otherwise it will increase heat.

2. Do not heat. The heated juice will not only make the aroma of the fruit run away, but also destroy all kinds of vitamins.

3. Do not drink with milk. Milk is rich in protein, while vegetable juice is mostly acidic, which will make protein congealed in the stomach and cannot be absorbed, thus reducing the nutritional value of milk and juice.

4. It is not suitable to take medicine with juice. Otherwise, the fruit acid in the juice is easy to lead to the early decomposition and dissolution of various drugs, which is not conducive to the absorption of drugs in the small intestine and affects the efficacy.

5, patients with ulcers, acute and chronic gastroenteritis, and people with poor renal function should not drink juice.

6. Caution: fruit juice should be drunk with pressing, otherwise the content of vitamin C will decrease rapidly due to the oxygen in the air. In addition, although the vegetable juice is nutritious and delicious, it should be enough. 200 ml per day is the most suitable.

5 Partners:

1, cold water (or pure water). Some fruits and vegetables are easy to juice, but for carrots and apples with less water, I’m afraid we need to add water to help juice. Moreover, for children with weak absorption capacity, too strong fruit juice should be diluted with water.

2, honey. Some vegetables and fruits have high nutritional value, but they are not necessarily palatable, such as celery and carrots. At this time, you can add honey to adjust the taste. On the one hand, honey itself is a nutritious beauty product, and on the other hand, it will not make people fat like sugar.

3, ice. Iced fruit and vegetable juice tastes delicious and tastes better.

4, lemon juice. In addition to adjusting the taste, the biggest function of lemon juice is to prevent the oxidation and discoloration of vegetable juice.

5, mint leaf. This refreshing spirit is a close companion of vegetable juice. Put a few mint leaves in any combination to add taste and beauty.

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