It is said that the energy of yogurt is equal to the knowledge of two cups of cola before drinking yogurt

yogurt is deeply loved by people because of its unique taste and rich nutritional value. After a big meal, many people often like to have a bottle of yoghurt, which is called promoting digestion. They even take yoghurt as a meal and add some fruits and vegetables, hoping to achieve the goal of losing weight through such a diet. Let’s have a look at it.

But recently there is a view that the energy of a cup of yogurt is equal to two cups of coke! This point of view, many people are surprised to lose their chin, weight loss people can’t believe it, the original daily eating is not a diet, but a diet! So, is the energy of a cup of yogurt really equal to two cups of coke?

is the energy of a cup of yogurt equal to two cups of coke?

this looks like a math problem. Because if you compare the nutritional composition table of yogurt and cola, you will find that the sugar content and calories of every 100 grams of yogurt are much higher than cola. From this point of view, it seems that drinking coke is more healthy, drinking yogurt is not healthy! Therefore, some people will think that drinking yogurt is better than drinking coke.

, but in fact, this is only from the perspective of nutrient composition table. If it is from the perspective of nutritional value, this formula is not tenable.

first, I just mentioned that the sugar content and calories of every 100 grams of yogurt are higher than those of cola, but cola and yogurt are not equal in size. The volume of cola is basically larger than that of yogurt. The average yogurt is about 150 grams, while a can of coke is 330 grams. From here we can see that the sugar content of cola is higher than that of yogurt.

second, from the perspective of nutritional composition, yogurt contains not only sugar, but also protein and calcium. Drinking yogurt is not only in & lt; Drink sugar;, In addition to sugar, coke has no other nutrients, so the nutritional value of yogurt and coke is clear at a glance.

moreover, if a coke of the same size is as big as a bottle of yogurt, such a large bottle of yogurt will be much fuller than a coke of the same size, so drinking yogurt can also enhance the sense of fullness.

to sum up, the nutritional value of yogurt is higher than cola, and the sense of fullness is stronger. Therefore, it is wrong to say that one cup of yogurt is equal to two cups of coke.

How much yogurt do you drink at what time of day?

I believe that after reading the above analysis, you will start to think about drinking a cup of yogurt every day. However, it should be pointed out that although the energy of a cup of yogurt is not equal to two cups of cola, you should also drink yogurt in an appropriate amount, which is more than enough. So how much yogurt do you drink at what time of the day?

in fact, the daily intake of milk and dairy products for Chinese residents should be 300 grams, that is to say, it is more suitable to drink a cup of milk and a small cup of yogurt every day, or to drink two or three boxes of yogurt every day.

as for the best time to drink yogurt, in fact, there is no special limit. Healthy yogurt identification

1, the consistency of yogurt is not directly related to nutrition, but closely related to the production method. According to different production methods, yogurt can be divided into solidification type and stirring type. China’s traditional glass bottle and porcelain bottle yogurt belongs to solidified yogurt, which tastes thick. And usually people often drink fruit yogurt are stirred yogurt, relatively thin.

2. In fact, frozen yogurt with good taste is no better than stirred yogurt. Stirred yoghurt particles are delicate and more conducive to digestion. In order to increase the consistency of some stirred yoghurt, some thickeners will be added in the production process. Gelatin and dietary fiber are common, gelatin is protein colloid, easy to be absorbed by human body. Dietary fiber includes seaweed gum, pectin, plant seed gum and so on. They are conducive to digestion and have no heat, which is beneficial and harmless to human body. Compared with solidified yoghurt, stirred yoghurt has better flavor and more comprehensive nutrition. However, some thickeners are dextrin and modified starch produced by starch hydrolysis, which have high sugar content and can lead to high blood glucose.

therefore, consistency is not the standard to determine the quality of yogurt. In the purchase of yogurt, we should pay attention to the following points:

– according to the need to carefully look at the nutrition label, choose high protein content.

second, we should choose the type according to the taste needs.

third, try to buy big brand products.

Other remarks

1. Yogurt purchase: after opening the yogurt, first look at the shape of the yogurt. Under normal circumstances, the coagulation of solidified yogurt should be uniform and fine, without bubbles and impurities, and a small amount of whey is allowed to precipitate. Stirred yoghurt is a uniform fluid without stratification and impurities. The normal color of yogurt should be yellowish or milky white, which is related to the fat content of milk. The higher the fat content, the more yellow the color.

2. Some bacteria and acidic substances in yogurt are harmful to teeth. Especially after drinking at night, think about 7 or 8 hours in the evening, otherwise dental caries is easy to occur, so rinse your mouth with boiled water in time after drinking.

3. Don’t take medicine with yogurt instead of water, especially don’t take antibiotics such as chloramphenicol, erythromycin, Sulfanilamide and some drugs for diarrhea with yogurt; It is not suitable to drink yoghurt on an empty stomach, and the best effect is to drink it within 2 hours after meal.

4. When eating yogurt, the cover is often stained with yogurt, which is a waste. If the yogurt is frozen in the refrigerator for 30 minutes and then taken out, the cover will not be stained with yogurt. Although the surface of yogurt is a little frozen, it won’t freeze in the middle. It has a different taste.

5. yogurt in the production process will be added cane sugar as a fermentation accelerator, and sometimes with a variety of syrup seasoning, so diabetic patients should pay special attention to; People who are allergic to milk can’t drink yogurt either; Excessive drinking of yoghurt will make the concentration of gastric acid too high, affect appetite and digestive function, which is not conducive to health.

6. At present, there are two common yoghurt products on the market. One is traditional yoghurt made by adding two kinds of bacteria (Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus) to fresh milk; The other is the probiotic yoghurt with two kinds of lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium) added on the basis of the fermentation of the former, which usually has the mark “Lactobacillus acidophilus” on the label; Probiotics & quot; word.

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