It makes your life more wonderful!

It makes your life more wonderful!

make your life more wonderful!

1, kitchen mop first put vinegar

kitchen floor is easy to accumulate grease, mop before, not as if in the mop into some vinegar, so you can let the oil escape!

2, green pepper pedicel cleaning

most people in the cleaning of green pepper, used to cut it in half, or direct washing, in fact, is not true, because green pepper unique shape and growth posture, so that sprayed pesticides are accumulated on the concave fruit pedicel!

3, how to detoxify vegetables

after spraying, most pesticides will be decomposed by enzymes in plants within a certain number of days. The fruits and vegetables bought will be put for a few days to let the residual poison be decomposed. However, when they are put in the refrigerator, they will not be so effective, because the temperature in the refrigerator will inhibit the activities of enzymes in fruits and vegetables, It can’t decompose the residual poison, just put it in the shade, but it’s not suitable for perishable leafy vegetables!

4, barbecue with tinfoil paper, do not add lemon

. If you barbecue fish with tinfoil paper, do not wrap acidic fruits such as lemon together! Because tin foil belongs to the metal class, when the metal and acidic substances mixed together baking, will play a chemical change, easy to produce harmful carcinogens!

5, thunder do not get off

car driving on the mountain road, in case of a thunderstorm, do not get off to walk. At this time, you should close the window first, and then put away the radio antenna. In case of lightning strike on the car, don’t panic, you can continue to drive, because the car itself has the effect of lightning protection.

6, Lemon Bath makes skin fairer

lemon is in production period, the price is not expensive, do not buy as usual, usually cut it into juice, add cold boiled water and some sugar to drink! Don’t discard the squeezed lemon peel for the time being. Put it in the bathroom to make your skin tender and white no matter you wash your face or shower!

7, eat barbecue and lemon detoxification

barbecue, if the meat directly on the meat rack, in addition to thoroughly roasted, the burnt part should be discarded, so as to avoid eating carcinogens! Before eating, remember to drop fresh lemon juice, in addition to adding flavor, the VitC in lemon has detoxification effect!

8, toothpaste removing film grape is cleaner

when eating grape, first take scissors to reduce to the root part, make it retain complete particles, and soak in diluted salt water to achieve the effect of sterilization. After washing, there is still a layer of white film left on the surface. You can squeeze some toothpaste, put the grape between the palms, gently rub it, and then it will be completely crystal clear, Eat more at ease!

9, children drink sugar water to prevent constipation

, children in the family are easy to have the bad habit of picky mouth and partial diet, which often leads to abdominal constipation! Do not use a spoonful of brown sugar, mixed with a hundred west of warm water, stir evenly, let the child slowly drink, and then in the direction of the clock like belly, gently massage, soon, the child can defecate smoothly!

10, hair dryer easy to label

buy gift box to give away, the price label is very difficult to tear off, with hand pick will pick black dirty but more ugly, if you use the hair dryer to blow hot again, it will be very easy to tear off, leaving no trace!

11, brown sugar can clear menstrual lochia

. When menstruation comes, two days before the end of menstruation, you can use half a catty of brown sugar (that is, black sugar) to soak boiling water (both hot and cold) as tea to drink, so that you can clear lochia in the uterus! It’s the easiest way for women to keep healthy!

12, water and white vinegar to prolong the life of flowers

in hot summer, flowers are easy to wither after buying home, not like water with a few drops of white vinegar or bleach, flower branches at the bottom of pruning, you can make flowers prolong life Oh!

13, fax paper when the stick surface

fax paper used up after the paper stick, thinner than the stick of preservative film, can be used as the stick surface, after cleaning, to the stick surface, bread a layer of preservative film after use, and then tear off the preservative film, clean and convenient!

14, tea soaking in water to remove foot odor

many people have foot odor problems, here are a few methods, don’t try: to put a little tea directly in shoes when wearing shoes! Put warm water in the basin, put a little tea into the basin, and then soak the feet for a while, so that there is no smell!

15, frozen chopsticks label easy to remove

when buying fresh chopsticks, the label is difficult to tear off, with hands pick will pick dirty, if you first put it in the freezer, after the ice tear, it will be very easy to tear off!

16, add water to the windowsill, termites have nowhere to escape

in the evening, or later, some unknown insects often break into the house, when you find termite invasion, do not hesitate to take some water and pour it on the window rail, in this way, termites do not dare to invade, the reason is very simple, because termite wings cannot move when they encounter water, The wingless ones can’t stay in the water for a long time, and because the termites on the window rails don’t need to be removed, naturally there will be insects to decompose them!

17, pineapple skin boiling stainless steel pot

stainless steel pot is easy to be stained with black dirt, difficult to brush, now as long as the home’s larger pot with water, put in some pineapple skin, and then put in the smaller pot, boil for 20 minutes, wait for cold out, all bright as new!

18, onion boiling water to remove scorch marks

if you scorch the aluminum pot, you can put an onion and a little water in the pot to boil, and soon all the scorched objects will float up!

19. New flowerpots can only be used after soaking in water. 6667

new porcelain flowerpots that have not been soaked in water can be used to grow flowers. Flowerpots will suck up the water in the soil and cause the flowers and plants to wither! New flowerpots should be soaked in cold water for 20 minutes before use, and then plants will not die!

20, silk stockings ice wear more durable

women’s newly bought stockings, do not open the first, directly into the refrigerator for a day or two, and then put it out for a day to wear, so as to increase the toughness of the stockings, not to happen soon or rupture phenomenon, do not have to spend too much money to buy stockings!

21, water dispenser add lemon to remove stains

the teapot and water dispenser at home have been used for a long time, and there is a layer of white slag inside. At this time, it’s not like buying a lemon in the market, removing the seeds, cutting it in half, putting it in the water dispenser or teapot and boiling it for two or three hours, you will find that the slag inside is less, mostly several times, and you will have satisfactory results!

22, hair dryer helps to remove facial dirt

, most people do not know that hair dryer in addition to drying hair, there are still many magical effects? Such as: home decoration with artificial flowers, after a period of time covered with dust, and must not use clean water cleaning, can use hair dryer carefully blowing, can easily complete! For example: after a bath, the fog will fill the bathroom, the mirror will be blurred, if you want to blow the whole hair, you can lift the hair dryer to remove the fog! Such as: winter riding a motorcycle frozen hemp ears. Hands. Feet, you can quickly use the hot air blower to relieve pain! For example: when washing your face, pick up the hair dryer and blow the face slightly from a distance to make the pores open and clean more thoroughly!

23, toothpaste cleaning refrigerator and electric rice cooker

if the refrigerator and electric rice cooker at home are white and turn yellow after a long time, don’t try squeezing some toothpaste when cleaning, gently scrubbing will make you white and bright unexpectedly.

24, silk towel pillow hair does not deform

every girl has this kind of trouble, it is not easy to go to the beauty salon to do a good hairstyle, after waking up, the hair will deform! In fact, this kind of situation can be prevented. As long as you spread a smooth silk scarf on the pillow before going to bed, you can not mess up your hair and keep a beautiful hairstyle!

25, expired milk can wipe furniture

when the milk is expired and can’t be drunk, you can put the rag in it and soak it. It can be used to wipe the table and floor, and the dirt can be removed quickly!

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