It’s a pity that you can’t drink the expired milk powder and throw it away. It’s a pity to teach you the daily magic of expired milk powder

. Maybe some mothers will store some milk powder for their children when they do activities in a certain brand, but later they find that their children don’t like to drink milk powder, and it’s just overdue and hasn’t been opened. Many people do not know, in fact, expired milk powder is also very useful oh. Let’s have a look at it.

Daily use of expired milk powder

whitening and moisturizing hand mask

materials: milk powder (fresh milk), half a banana, olive oil

method: take a small cup of milk, four drops of vegetable oil, the best is olive oil, Can’t find peanut oil instead, half a banana mixed together, thick on the hands, wrapped in plastic wrap, 20 minutes later, wash with warm water. Once every two weeks.

efficacy: whitening, improving fine lines of hand.

decontamination and stain removal artifact

1, shoe polish: first use a brush to brush off the dirt on the vamp, and then use gauze dipped in expired milk powder to dilute and evenly apply it on the vamp. After drying, use dry cloth to wipe the vamp. The vamp can be as bright as new, and can prevent the skin from cracking.

2, wipe the floor: the expired milk powder diluted with water, and then sprinkled on the floor, wipe with a mop, the floor can be as bright as new.

3, to ink: first wash clothes with water, and then pour in expired milk powder gently scrub, can remove the ink on the clothes.

4, clean furniture: if the expired milk powder has a small amount of precipitation, but the smell does not change, you can use it to wipe leather furniture, make it restore luster, can also repair small cracks.

nourishes the green plant

although the milk powder has expired, the internal nutrients still exist. After diluting the milk powder and watering the green plant with water, it can promote the growth of the green plant. Of course, there is no problem in directly using the milk powder as fertilizer.

How to correctly view the shelf life of milk powder

in reality, few people will seize the time to eliminate those hoards when the shelf life is just approaching. However, there should be many careless parents who ignore the shelf life of milk powder, In particular, the lack of a sense of security and always like to store goods for the baby’s mother, we should pay more attention to it. Well, the milk powder is approaching the shelf life. Do you want to drink it or not?

the expiration date of milk powder is not just what happens after the specified time, but refers to that the milk powder may deteriorate after the expiration date. However, the deterioration of milk powder is a process of qualitative change caused by quantitative change. It does not mean that the milk powder will deteriorate if it deteriorates. The last second is good milk powder, and the next second is bad.

what we usually call the shelf life is only a theoretical value. It does not mean that as long as it passes that time, it will definitely deteriorate, but the probability of deterioration increases. Generally speaking, milk powder is still drinkable when the shelf life is approaching, that is, before the shelf life. How long is the shelf life of

milk powder? The shelf life of various types of milk powder is different. The shelf life of infant formula milk powder is mostly 18 months or 24 months, and a few milk powder has a shelf life of 3 years.

however, it should be noted that the shelf life marked on the milk powder can body only refers to the shelf life of unopened milk powder, not the shelf life of milk powder after can opening. Although the shelf life of milk powder may be two years, once the milk powder can is opened, it’s better for the baby to eat it within one month, otherwise the milk powder is easy to be affected with damp and easy to breed bacteria.

Fast to the shelf life of milk powder still drink not to drink? There are the following different situations:

1, unopened milk powder that is approaching the shelf life: theoretically, you can drink it.

milk powder has not been opened and expired, can you drink it?

2, milk powder has been opened and its shelf life is approaching: if the opening time is within one month, it can be drunk in theory; For more than a month, try not to drink.

of course, the theoretical value is only for reference, we still need to see the specific properties of milk powder to see if it has gone bad. Deterioration, even if not to the shelf life, or Kaifeng less than a month, also can not drink.

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