It’s dangerous to eat too greasy!

It’s dangerous to eat too greasy!

eating too greasy can have this harm!

a 71 year old uncle came to the hospital for sciatica because of hypertension and diabetes. Unexpectedly, the doctors and nurses were startled by the blood: there was a layer of blood floating on it; Oil bubble;, After separation, the upper serum was turbid white, like & lt; Milk & quot; It’s the same.

“ White blood & quot; It’s called chyle blood

. In short, chyle blood is & lt; The blood of oil slick & quot; Or & lt; Blood with too many fat particles;. A large number of fat particles appear in the blood, which will lead to milky white or turbid plasma color. Lipid is an important energy source for human body, just like gasoline is for automobile; Rich in oil & quot; Such blood will inevitably cause hyperlipidemia, slow blood flow, vascular atherosclerosis, easily lead to pancreatitis, coronary heart disease and cerebral infarction and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and fat particles in the vascular wall deposition, so that our blood vessels appear or accelerate atherosclerosis, the situation is serious and even life-threatening. 22 333 000 1 14 44 555 eating too greasy is the main inducement. 66 677 22 333 000 1 11 Mr. Ma often travels on business before he retires. When eating out, he especially likes fat meat, pig’s feet and other greasy food. In addition to three meals a day of fat, Mr. Ma also comes with four or two melon seeds and peanuts and four or five walnuts every day. After retiring, Mr. Ma doesn’t like sports. His only hobby is sleeping in.

what is the direct effect of diet on blood? As we all know, the most important components of blood lipids are cholesterol and triglycerides. Cholesterol is the most abundant sterol compound in the body, which is less affected by diet, but triglycerides are different. After a big meal and a heavy drink, if physical examination, triglycerides in the blood may rise. Under bad living habits, when there are too many fat particles in the blood, it will cause & quot; Milk and blood;.

to pay attention to weight control, too fat easy to get heart disease, if obesity and hyperlipidemia, it is very easy to lead to arteriosclerosis; Don’t eat too greasy food, don’t often revel like fish and meat, eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid excessive drinking, and stay away from seafood and other foods with high cholesterol content; If we take proper exercise on this basis, chyle blood can not be produced in the body.

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