It’s easy to get on fire in hot summer. Daily recipe for clearing away heat and purging fire

how to get on fire easily in summer? Because the weather is too hot and dry, many people will get hot in summer, so at this time we should take good care of it. Soup is good for clearing away heat and purging fire, so what kind of soup should I drink? Let’s take a look at it with you.

We all know the nature of Shanghuo, whether it’s mouth sores, red and swollen gums, bleeding, sore throat, dry and hot body, constipation and yellow urine& hellip; These are & lt; Get angry & quot; symptom. But traditional Chinese medicine divides Shanghuo into solid fire and virtual fire, so we need to distinguish the nature of Shanghuo before taking medicine.

real fire& nbsp; Most of them are caused by the invasion of the pathogenic factors of fire and heat or eating spicy food. In addition, excessive mental stimulation, visceral dysfunction can also cause. The symptoms of patients with solid fire include red face and red eyes, dry lips, thirsty mouth, erosion of tongue, sore throat, gingival bleeding, epistaxis, tinnitus and deafness, furuncle, body heat and irritability, oliguria and constipation, bloody urine and blood stool, red tongue and yellow fur, pulse number. The commonly used drugs are Sanhuang tablets, Huanglian Shangqing pills, Niuhuang Qingwei pills, Qingre Jiedu oral liquid, etc.

false fire& nbsp; Most of them are caused by internal injury and strain, such as long-term illness, exhaustion of essence and Qi, excessive strain, which can lead to imbalance and weakness of viscera and generate internal heat. According to the different pathogenesis, deficiency fire can be further divided into yin deficiency fire and Qi deficiency fire (Qi deficiency internal heat). Yin deficiency and fire hyperactivity are mainly manifested as hot flashes, night sweats, emaciation, dry mouth and throat, five heart fever, restlessness, red tongue without moss, and pulse count. The treatment should be based on the principle of generating body fluid and nourishing blood, nourishing yin and reducing fire. Commonly used drugs include Liuwei Dihuang pill, Zhibai Dihuang pill, Dabuyin pill, etc. The common symptoms are low fever in the whole body, especially before the year, fear of cold and wind, like heat and fear of cold, fatigue and weakness, shortness of breath and lazy speech, constant self sweating, clear urine and loose stools, weak pulse, light tongue and thin fur. The treatment should be based on the principle of Buzhong Yiqi and Ganwen chure. It is suggested to use decoction after treatment. Buzhong Yiqi Pills are commonly used.

The main classification is

1; Real fire performance for repeated oral ulcer, gingival swelling and pain, dry mouth, short red urine, irritable and so on.

2. Lung fire: mainly manifested as dry cough, less phlegm, blood in sputum, sore throat, hoarse voice, hot flashes and night sweats. Stomach fire: it can be divided into deficiency and excess. Deficiency fire is characterized by mild cough, less diet, constipation, abdominal distension, red tongue and less moss; The symptoms of solid fire were epigastric discomfort, dry mouth, bitter mouth, hard stool and yellow greasy tongue coating.

4. Liver fire: we often call people who are easily emotional & lt; The liver fire is great;. In fact, it is commonly known as & lt; Great Liver Fire & quot; There are also the following physical symptoms: dry mouth, bitter mouth, bad breath, headache, dizziness, dry eyes, unstable sleep, muggy body, tongue coating thickening.

5. Kidney fire: mainly manifested as dizziness, tinnitus, deafness, hair off teeth shake, sleep restlessness, five heart trouble heat, emaciation, waist and leg pain, etc.

Ingredients: 20 grams of kapok, 35 grams of fried lentils, one Carassius auratus, 200 grams of lean pork and 3 pieces of ginger. Practice: this soup is also very simple, the preparation of the materials are washed and cut, take out a clean soup pot to add all the materials. You can also use ten bowls of water to boil the soup. After boiling over high heat, change the low heat to boil for 1.5 hours and then add salt! Efficacy: the collocation of kapok, lentils and crucian carp can reduce fire and dampness. Now is the time when it is easy to get on fire. Friends should drink more fire reducing soup.

2, tremella lotus seed soup

materials: tremella, lotus seed, rock sugar. Practice: lotus seeds and Tremella should be soaked half a day in advance. Lotus seeds can be soaked one hour in advance. Remove the heart of the soaked lotus seed, remove the pedicel of tremella and tear the small flower. Take out the soup pot, put the tremella and lotus seeds into the high heat, bring to a boil, turn the low heat to stew until the tremella is cooked, add the rock sugar and continue to cook for half an hour until the rock sugar melts. Efficacy: tremella and lotus seed soup can nourish and clear away heat, and also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, such as chrysanthemum, cucumber, isatis root, tomato, bamboo shoot, mung bean, tofu, celery, water chestnut, water chestnut, water chestnut, purslane, golden needle, etc.

(2) bitter cold fire category: such as bitter gourd, bitter cabbage, Jue Cai, Luffa, snail, eggplant, millet, buckwheat, rabbit meat, pheasant, etc., can cool the nature of heat and reduce fire, more used for solid fire disease.

rhubarb (3) diuresis and fire purging: such as wax gourd, watermelon, job’s tears, lentils, barley, amaranth, melon, adzuki bean, black fish, duck, carp, crucian carp, loach, lettuce, mung bean sprouts, Jineijin, etc., suitable for all kinds of real fire syndrome.

(4) to attack solid fire: such as rhubarb, Anemarrhena asphodeloides, Coptis, Scutellaria baicalensis, banana, celery, potato, sesame, peach kernel, jellyfish, white radish, etc., suitable for short yellow urine, dry stool, dry mouth, bitter mouth, abdominal distension and other symptoms.

(5) cold blood and astringent blood: such as lotus root, pear, water chestnut, raw land, Auricularia auricula, Monopterus albus, glutinous rice, lotus root powder, water chestnut, corn whisker, mango, eel, bamboo leaf, Imperata root, purslane, etc., which can be used in the case of epistaxis, hematochezia, hematuria, gingival bleeding, etc.

(6) sweet and warm type: such as Codonopsis, Atractylodes macrocephala, Chinese cabbage, litchi, chestnut, jujube, Hu Taoren, lily, black sesame, bird’s nest, bee milk, sorghum, fennel, concanavalia bean, mustard, cherry, pomegranate, black plum, etc., suitable for Qi deficiency and fire.

(7) nourishing yin and reducing fire: such as turtle, kelp, Porphyra, sea cucumber, spinach, pig blood, pig liver, brown sugar, black chicken, pumpkin, clam, tremella fuciformis, etc. it is mainly used for yin deficiency, fire hyperactivity, five heart trouble heat, flush night sweat, insomnia, etc.

(8) reinforcing the internal organs and extinguishing the fire: such as black beans, yams, peanuts, milk, job’s tears, white fungus, pigeon eggs, quail, sparrow meat, eel, mutton, dog meat, leek, mulberry, etc. it is suitable for all kinds of deficiency fire syndrome caused by the weakness of internal organs and Yang Qi.

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