It’s good to have a good meal and eat slowly,

. It’s good to have a good meal and eat slowly,


2, help digestion

full chewing can promote the secretion of gastric juice, at the same time, grind food very fine, help food digestion and absorption, and directly reduce the gastrointestinal burden, especially for the elderly and people with poor gastrointestinal function.

3, reduce postprandial blood glucose

chewing slowly is beneficial to reduce postprandial hyperglycemia, adhere to slow meal, blood glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure will be reduced accordingly.

4, have a sense of fullness

spend more time chewing food, appetite center can issue correct instructions, make people have a sense of fullness, avoid obesity.

5, reduce facial wrinkles

frequent chewing can exercise facial muscles and reduce wrinkles.

6, relieve tension

slow meal can relieve people’s tension, anxiety and other emotions, make people happy.

7, chewing for gastrointestinal burden

without chewing process, direct swallowing into the stomach of food, the gastrointestinal tract is uninvited guests. The stomach squeezed and kneaded so hard that it made the big pieces of food smaller, and then quickly pushed them to the intestines. The successor did the same. Everyone was busy, and the nutrition that should be extracted slipped away unconsciously. Only pay no return, long-term so, gastrointestinal in a state of continuous fatigue, prone to various diseases. Chewing can make food and saliva fully combined, saliva has the function of helping and promoting food digestion, and multiple chewing can grind food, stomach can work and enjoy in a relaxed environment. People who already feel sick in their stomach should chew and swallow more slowly.

8, prevention of digestive tract diseases

chewing slowly can increase the amount of saliva secretion, salivary protein into the stomach, can form a protein film in the stomach, to protect the stomach.

9, keep the youth years without trace

with the growth of age, to about 30 years old, a large number of parotid hormone secretion of the ear gland began to atrophy. Without enough parotid hormone, it is difficult to maintain the elasticity and vitality of tissues such as blood vessels and skin. The most effective and simple way to activate its function is chewing. Chewing can stimulate the submandibular gland and maintain the secretion of parotid hormone. Chewing can promote the facial muscle activity, improve the quality of blood circulation in some areas, activate the metabolism and movement of the skin, and make the natural complexion ruddy and wrinkle less. Chewing can stimulate the parotid gland, promote insulin secretion, regulate the metabolism of carbohydrate in the body, reduce the blood sugar level, prevent and help the treatment of diabetes.

10, saliva is the body’s & lt; Self service pharmacy & quot;

saliva is the essence of the body; Health patrol;. Chewing is not just about swallowing hard food, it’s about producing a lot of saliva. People who chew well secrete 1.1-1.5 liters of saliva a day. Saliva is in our bodies; Self service pharmacy & quot;. Do not chew when eating, will reduce saliva secretion. If you gobble at a meal, you are in this place; Patrol & quot; It’s out of my defense.

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