It’s harmful to eat fruit after a long meal. The best time to eat fruit is

; Is it healthy to eat fruit after dinner; This topic has caused a lot of controversy. Because of this habit, it seems to have been imperceptibly integrated into

reason 1:

when we have just finished eating, the food is not fully digested, then it will accumulate in our stomach. At this time, eating fruit, fruit and undigested food will stay in the stomach together, causing a great burden to the stomach. At this time, it is easy to have stomach distension, indigestion and even constipation.

reason 2:

as we all know, fruits contain more sugars, such as glucose, fructose and so on. After eating, eating fruit immediately will bring these sugars to the stomach, increasing the burden of gastrointestinal and pancreatic organs. It does not help food digestion at all, but prolongs their regular digestion time.

the third reason:

in addition to the sugar needed to supplement the body, the cellulose group of fruit is also very rich. If you eat fruit on an empty stomach, these substances can be quickly absorbed by the body, but in the case of undigested after meals, it is easy to cause swelling after water absorption, leading to stomach swelling, and also affect the body’s absorption of vitamins and trace elements.

reason four:

in the process of weight loss, some people habitually eat with fruit after eating, think that this can help digestion, achieve the effect of weight loss. But I don’t know that such a practice will only make myself fatter and fatter, and also break my good stomach.

after reading these reasons, do you find that the best time to eat fruit is

. There is a saying abroad that eating fruit in the morning is gold, eating fruit at noon is silver, and eating fruit at night is copper. In fact, the digestion and absorption capacity of the human body is mainly related to the secretion of digestive juice and the ability of gastrointestinal peristalsis. After eating, the digestive system will secrete more digestive juice, enhance gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote digestion and absorption. That is to say, no matter in the morning or at night, the absorption of fruit nutrients by the digestive system is not much different.

our stomach is constantly peristaltic. The food we eat, including food and fruit, does not stop in the stomach in a clear order. Instead, through the peristalsis of the stomach, all kinds of food and gastric acid are fully mixed and digested into chyme, which is then gradually sent to the intestinal tract for absorption and emptying the stomach. If it is a mixture of sugar, protein and fat, the average is 4 & mdash; The gastric emptying rate was about 5 & mdash per minute after 5 hours; 15 ml, the more chyme in the stomach, the faster the emptying rate. Therefore, for health, the proportion of Chinese residents eating fruit for breakfast is less. Europe and America pay attention to eating fruit in the morning. Fruit contains a variety of nutrients, eating fruit is conducive to the balance of human nutrition. Add fruit appropriately for breakfast, such as half an apple for breakfast.

2) eat between meals: as an extra meal, it is more suitable for children and people who eat less and more meals. Eat a banana and yogurt between meals.

3) eat before meals: most people are hungry before meals, and it’s also good to eat fruit before meals. It is very suitable for people who want to lose weight. It is conducive to weight control, suggesting that persimmon can not be eaten on an empty stomach before meals.

4) eat in the meal: fruit salad as a dish, in real life, time is tight, work is busy, breakfast can not afford to eat, after lunch to go to work, after dinner to eat more fruit and afraid of getting fat, so the meal with a small amount of fruit, fruit as a vegetable to eat, simple and feasible.

5) eating after a meal: most Chinese people eat fruits. Just after a meal, their stomach and intestines need to be straightened out, and they need to eat more kinds of food. Then they eat fruits to increase the burden on their stomach and intestines. If they eat too much energy, they may grow meat.

6) eat before going to bed: you can eat a small amount of normal temperature fruits. It is not recommended to eat too cold fruits and watermelons and other fruits with high water content, which easily lead to getting up at night and affecting sleep.

eating fruit for breakfast, between meals, before meals and during meals is a good choice. Eating a fruit salad for dinner not only brings rich color and taste to life, but also is convenient and feasible, and will not cause obesity because of increasing food intake. As long as the total amount of food does not exceed the standard, and feel comfortable in the stomach, in fact, fruit can be eaten at any time, and each has its own advantages.

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