It’s healthy to drink water like this!

It’s healthy to drink water like this!

drinking water like this is healthy!

the really effective way of drinking water is to drink a whole glass of water (about 200-250 ml) in one breath (or once), rather than just drink two mouthfuls, so that the body can really absorb and use it. Of course, the so-called once through drinking water does not necessarily need to drink all at once. If you just take a sip or two to quench your thirst, it will not help your body at all.

drink good water

avoid drinking distilled water as much as possible (generally distilled water is too acidic, which is easy to harm the body, especially for people with weak kidneys). You can choose high-quality mineral water.

drink warm water

especially in summer, many people will choose to drink ice water or drink it with ice. In fact, ice water is not good for the function of the stomach. Drinking and warm boiled water is more beneficial, because it is especially helpful for the body to absorb and use, and it is also helpful for the digestion of the intestines and stomach.

drinking water on an empty stomach

of course, drinking water at any time, when thirsty, often can only quench thirst, not help. An effective way to drink water is to drink on an empty stomach. Water will flow directly from the digestive tract and be absorbed by the body; Drinking water after eating is not as good for your health as drinking water on an empty stomach. Try it!

can put can receive

office workers often neglect drinking water because of working relationship. If they don’t drink enough water for a long time, their bladder and kidney will be damaged, which is easy to cause backache. As long as the habit of drinking water is gradually formed, the frequency of going to the toilet will gradually decrease. However, it is also normal to drink eight glasses of water a day and go to the toilet seven to eight times, which is a necessary replacement of metabolism. Remember the way of drinking water, do not care to meet the throat dry neck thirst, dry mouth to drink a water is not helpful.

drinking schedule

am6: 30

after a whole night’s sleep, the body began to lack water. When you get up, drink a cup of 250cc water first, which can help the kidney and liver detoxification. Don’t eat breakfast immediately. Wait half an hour for water to melt into each cell. After metabolism, eat again´╝ł Very important! The body depends on it

am8: 30

the process from getting up to the office in the morning, the time is always very tight, the mood is also tense, the body will appear dehydration phenomenon, so when you get to the office, don’t rush to make coffee, give yourself a glass of water at least 250cc!

am11: 0066777

after working in an air-conditioned room for a period of time, you must give yourself the third glass of water in the day when you get up and move, to supplement the lost water, which helps to relax the tense working mood!

pm12: 50

after lunch for half an hour, drink some water to replace the artificial drink that makes you fat, which can strengthen the digestive function of the body, not only good for your health, but also help you maintain your figure.

pm3: 0066777

replace afternoon tea and coffee with a cup of healthy mineral water! Drinking a large glass of water can not only replenish the water lost in the air-conditioned room, but also help clear your mind.

pm5: 30

drink another glass of water before leaving the office after work. If you want to use water to lose weight, you can drink a few more cups to increase the sense of fullness. When you have dinner, you will not overeat.

pm10: 0066777

drink a glass of water one to half an hour before going to bed and achieve the goal. Don’t drink too much at one go, so as not to have to go to the bathroom at night and affect the quality of sleep.

above is the recommended drinking schedule. In fact, if there are vegetable soup, milk, soybean milk, etc. in the diet, the amount of water can be reduced accordingly. If you don’t like boiled water, you can make tea, black tea, green tea, black tea, flower tea, etc. But never add sugar.

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