It’s not reliable that many good antidotes spread on wechat

eat these things to get rid of alcohol as soon as possible

when drunk, the reactions after waking up are very uncomfortable. Eating these things can get rid of alcohol as soon as possible.

food: tofu, egg white, preserved egg, lotus root, jellyfish, mung bean, three beans, radish, sweet potato, celery, Chinese cabbage, honey, desserts.

fruit: watermelon; 2. Banana; 3. Grape; 4. Oranges; 5. Tomatoes; 6. Pear; 7. Grapefruit; 8. The first one is the seed; 9. Carambola; 10. Olive; 11. Sour jujube.

beverage: 1. Milk; 2. Gegen Decoction; 3. Gehua Decoction; 4. Sugar tea; 5. Rice soup; 6. Vinegar; 7. Sugarcane juice; 8. Fish soup. Fruit and milk are very good. Don’t eat more persimmon and olives. The simplest way to relieve alcohol is to drink plenty of boiled water and rest. As for the anti alcoholics spread on wechat, some of them are useful, others are not reliable. ” Experts say, like egg white, eating a little before drinking can protect gastric mucosa; Honey, a little after drinking can relieve some headache symptoms, but generally speaking, the column of “food” in wechat can’t relieve alcoholism. “It can only be said that eating these things is beneficial to human body, unlike some drugs, eating them indiscriminately may cause accidents. But to say that they can relieve alcohol, we haven’t found this effect yet. ”

when it comes to fruits, there are indeed many fruits listed in wechat that can relieve alcoholism, “such as watermelon, banana, grape, orange, tomato, pear and grapefruit, all of which can relieve alcoholism.” Experts say that watermelon can make alcohol quickly excreted with urine, reduce alcohol stay in the body, so as to sober up; Banana can increase the concentration of blood glucose, reduce the proportion of alcohol in the blood, so as to achieve the purpose of anti alcohol; Grape is rich in tartaric acid, which can form esters with alcohol in wine, so as to relieve alcohol; Tomatoes contain special fructose, drinking tomato juice more than 300 ml, can promote the decomposition of alcohol; Oranges, tomatoes, pears and grapefruit all have good effects on eliminating the wine taste.

“but I don’t recommend eating fruit and olive to relieve alcohol. Even if you eat it, you must not eat more. Because of their special properties, such as persimmon, eating too much is easy to indigestion, and even the formation of stomach stones. And olives should not be eaten in large quantities at a time, especially for patients with gastric ulcer. As for carambola and sour jujube, I have never heard that they can relieve alcohol. ” Experts said that in addition to the fruits mentioned in wechat, apples, lemons and red bayberry are all “sharp tools” for antialcoholism.

when it comes to drinks, rice soup is a good thing. “Rice soup contains polysaccharides and B vitamins, which can help sober up. Adding some white sugar has better effect. Milk is also good, drink milk before drinking, can make protein coagulation, protect gastric mucosa, reduce the absorption of alcohol; If you drink milk after drinking, it can also dilute the alcohol concentration in the blood and help the alcohol to be excreted with the urine as soon as possible. There are yogurt, it can protect the gastric mucosa, delay alcohol absorption, due to the rich calcium content in yogurt, so it is particularly effective to alleviate the symptoms of irritability after drinking Experts said that after drinking, drinking some sugar tea can also dilute the alcohol concentration in the blood and accelerate the excretion. “However, one thing to pay attention to when drinking sugar tea is whether you have abnormal glucose tolerance. If so, you can’t drink it.” Experts say that people who drink are relatively easy to get diabetes. Abnormal glucose tolerance is a precursor of diabetes. If they are not sure, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination.

“drinking vinegar can also relieve alcohol, but it depends on the degree of drinking.” Experts say that if you don’t drink too much wine, you can use rice vinegar or mature vinegar, brown sugar and a few pieces of ginger to fry, which can reduce the damage of alcohol to the body. But if you drink a lot, you can’t get rid of it by drinking vinegar. Because alcohol can stimulate gastrointestinal mucosa, can make stomach and duodenum congestion, increase gastric acid secretion, and promote the production of pancreatic juice. At this time, drinking vinegar, not only aggravate the stimulation of gastrointestinal mucosa, more easily induce gastric, duodenal ulcer or acute pancreatitis and other diseases.

as for fish soup, in fact, not only fish soup, but also broth can relieve alcohol. At the same time, drinking hot soup is also good for intestines and stomach. And sugarcane juice can also sober up“ But I don’t recommend that you drink Chinese patent medicines such as Gegen Decoction and Gehua decoction. Because the quality of each human body is different, and the degree of drunkenness is different, it’s better not to drink medicine privately, but to consult traditional Chinese medicine. ” Experts said. “When it comes to antialcoholism, there is a wrong saying widely spread, that is, strong tea can antialcoholism. In fact, whether tea can relieve alcohol is related to the concentration and variety of tea. There is no scientific basis for drinking strong tea to relieve alcohol, and it is harmful to people Experts say that all kinds of wine contain different amounts of alcohol, which can be absorbed into the blood after drinking for a few minutes. As the blood circulates to the whole body, it will cause certain stimulation and damage to various systems of the whole body, especially to the brain, heart, liver, kidney, stomach and other organs. Under the action of alcohol, in the exciting period of alcoholism, the sympathetic nervous system is excited, the heart rate accelerates, and the blood pressure rises. Theophylline and caffeine, the main components of strong tea, can also stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. At this time, the combination of tea and wine can make the sympathetic nervous system more excited. For people with hypertension and coronary heart disease, it may aggravate the disease, and even induce stroke or myocardial infarction.

and most of the alcohol entering the blood is catabolized in the liver, first converted into acetaldehyde, and finally produced carbon dioxide and water, which are excreted by the kidney; There are also a small number of direct acetaldehyde excreted through the kidney“ Acetaldehyde has a great toxic effect on liver and kidney. If you drink a lot of strong tea at this time, theophylline has a strong diuretic effect, which can make more undecomposed acetaldehyde enter the kidney prematurely and aggravate its damage. Theophylline can also cause vasoconstriction, increase blood pressure and aggravate headache In addition to the damage to liver and kidney, alcohol can also directly stimulate gastric mucosa to cause erosion, even ulcer and bleeding. Caffeine in strong tea can stimulate gastric acid secretion and aggravate the damage to gastric mucosa“ Therefore, when drunk or drunk too much, it is not appropriate to use strong tea to relieve alcohol. However, the tea polyphenols in tea also have a certain hepatoprotective effect, so you can drink some light tea after drunk, which can not only protect the liver, but also diuretic, and accelerate the elimination of alcohol decomposition products from the body.

3. Most of the antialcoholic drugs are unreliable, and the effect of psychological suggestion is stronger.

if there is any way to make people not only enjoy the pleasure of drinking or meet the needs of social intercourse, but also not drunk or hangover, how good it would be! As a result, a wide range of health care products came into being, some are known as the secret recipe of traditional Chinese medicine, and some are known as the latest high-tech products“ But most of these so-called antidotes are unreliable. If you take them and feel effective, most of them are due to psychological or water effects. The effects of drugs can only be said to vary from person to person. ” In clinical practice, there are indeed “antidotes”, but this so-called “antidote” actually plays a role in avoiding or reducing the damage of alcohol to the liver, rather than the wake-up effect everyone thinks.

“this antidote is not a kind of medicine, but a kind of medicine. For example, our commonly used smectite, taken before or after drinking, can protect the liver and participate in the detoxification of alcohol. If you are in a drunken coma, in order to protect the central nervous system, we will give him naloxone, which can wake you up, but it is not the folk so-called antidote. ” Experts say that alcohol enters the human body mainly through liver catabolism. People with poor liver function will not be able to metabolize alcohol in time, and excessive alcohol will accumulate in the liver and brain, resulting in alcoholism. Naloxone can only resist the inhibition of alcohol on the brain, make people awake, and can not promote liver catabolism“ So the real antidote is to drink less

before and after drinking, avoid taking the following four kinds of drugs:

cephalosporins, furantoin, metronidazole, chloramphenicol, etc., which will react with alcohol, sometimes serious or even life-threatening. Phenobarbital, chloral hydrate, diazepam, limianning and other sedative hypnotic drugs, these brain inhibitors in the role of ethanol, will be accelerated by the human body absorption, serious will appear coma, shock, respiratory failure, death and so on. Aspirin, paracetamol and other antipyretic analgesics, these drugs can stimulate and damage the gastric mucosa. After drinking, it can lead to gastritis, gastric ulcer, gastric bleeding and so on. Reserpine, anticancer agents and other drugs, especially after drinking wine, will make the human body unable to successfully decompose tyramine in wine, and a large amount of tyramine accumulation will lead to dizziness and headache, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, arrhythmia, high blood pressure and even cerebral hemorrhage.

don’t take a bath after drinking. Because taking a hot bath after drinking can speed up blood circulation, increase energy consumption in the body, and easily cause hypoglycemia.

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