It’s right or wrong to drink water on an empty stomach in the morning

1. It’s right or wrong to drink water on an empty stomach in the morning

recently, there is a saying circulating on the Internet and wechat: “getting up early and drinking cold boiled water on an empty stomach will make people feel sleepy, chest tightness, shortness of breath, memory loss, and some fertility problems. The explanation is that Yang Qi is needed to run Qi and blood in the morning, and drinking cold boiled water on an empty stomach will suppress Yang and damage the constitution, even drinking warm boiled water will not do. ”

in fact, this statement is not accurate enough. Water is very important for the operation of Qi and blood, and drinking it properly and timely will not affect the operation of Qi and blood. It is reasonable to say that “drinking cold boiled water on an empty stomach will suppress the fire and Yang, and damage the constitution.”. This is because the morning is the beginning of Yang Qi rising. At this time, drinking water on an empty stomach can stimulate peristalsis and prevent constipation. But if you drink cold water, it will produce a kind of adverse stimulation to Yang Qi in viscera, which is harmful to your health after a long time. It is recommended to drink warm boiled water after getting up in the morning, that is, the boiled water should be cooled to 30 ℃ ~ 35 ℃. Generally speaking, it is not necessary to scald your mouth and stimulate your stomach. Compared with cold boiled water, warm boiled water is close to body temperature and easy to be absorbed by human body. Need to be reminded that the morning fasting drinking water should not drink more, a cup is enough to achieve health care effect, otherwise it will increase the gastrointestinal burden, hinder the digestion of food. How to drink the first glass of water in the morning. Some people advocate getting up in the morning and drinking a glass of light salt water. I don’t think it makes much sense. Modern people take in too much sodium. Drinking light salt water without salt shortage will increase the intake of worthless salt. Research shows that calcium, magnesium and other minerals in boiled water are very helpful for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, which is more suitable for middle-aged and elderly people. Others advocate drinking a cup of honey water in the morning, which is beneficial to relieve constipation. Fructose in honey can moisten and smooth the intestines of people with constipation, but for most people, boiled water is enough. There is no protein, carbohydrate or fat in boiled water, so it is the most burden free water. Drinking a cup of boiled water in the morning, in the process of human metabolism, not only replenishes the water of cells, but also reduces the blood viscosity, which is conducive to the excretion of urine. In addition, boiled water has no heat and can be absorbed by the human body without digestion, so that the blood can be quickly diluted, promote blood circulation and make people wake up faster.

445552. Warm and cool vary from person to person

drinking water in the morning, drinking the same water with room temperature is the best, cold days can drink warm water, in order to minimize the stimulation of gastrointestinal. Studies have shown that when the water temperature is 25 ° Water molecules have the best affinity with human cells, and the water absorption ability of cells is the strongest. So drinking a cup of warm boiled water in the morning is the best choice. For young people and people with good physique, it’s easy to drink cold boiled water, but for the old, weak, afraid of cold and cold stomach, a cup of warm boiled water in the morning is the best choice. In a word, we should choose the suitable water temperature according to the individual’s physical condition.

445553.150-200 ml is suitable for most people, drinking 150-200 ml in the morning is a more appropriate amount of water. Here we need to remind that patients with hypertension and renal dysfunction should pay special attention to the amount of drinking water. The blood volume of hypertensive patients is high, and the morning is a peak period of blood pressure in the day. At this time, if you drink too much water, it will increase the blood volume and make the blood pressure higher. Excessive drinking water in patients with kidney disease will increase the pressure of glomeruli.

445554. Drinking time: after brushing teeth, before breakfast

drinking water in the morning must be on an empty stomach, that is, after brushing teeth, before breakfast. Drinking water before brushing teeth is easy to wash the bacteria in the mouth into the body, which is not conducive to health. However, drinking water after meals can not promote blood circulation and wash the intestines and stomach. In addition, it is best to drink water in small mouthfuls. Drinking too fast is very harmful to the body, which may cause blood pressure reduction and brain edema, leading to headache, nausea and vomiting.

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