Junk food turns your body into junk food

food decides your body! What kind of food you eat, you will get what kind of body! Our body’s cells, tissues and organs all have their own functions, and these body tissues need food to build! In terms of fitness, it is a hard journey to build muscle tissue; If the muscle structure that is hard to build is destroyed like this, shouldn’t the killer be scolded; Garbage & quot; Is that right? Junk food is rubbish because it makes the body rubbish. Now follow to understand it!

What is junk food?

* junk food refers to foods that contain nutrients that are needed by human body, which are partially or completely lost by nutritional processes, such as deep frying, baking and burning, or food products that are added, generated or consumed for a long time during the processing process to produce harmful substances in the human body. For example, fried foods containing benzoprazole, nitrated and smoked foods and * pickled foods that are easy to cause water and sodium retention.

Junk food contains the following three meanings:

(1) the nutritional quality is relatively poor.

means that we happily put it into our stomach, as a result, it can not play its proper nutritional role, for example, Calcium, no calcium, potassium, no potassium, very few vitamins. But they also occupy our stomach, other useful food must eat less, eventually will lead to people’s lack of nutrition, hinder health.

(2) it is easy for people to get fat unconsciously.

means that although these foods are low in nutrients, the ingredients that promote people to get fat are very high. For example, it’s high in fat, sugar and starch, and it’s not easy to feel full; If it’s delicious, eat more;. What about eating more? Of course, people tend to get fat.

(3) is not conducive to the prevention of chronic diseases

always eat a lot of sugar and refined starch, blood sugar rises fast, easy to promote the aging of the human body, and is not conducive to the prevention of diabetes. Always eat fat food, especially fried food and crispy food, prone to dyslipidemia. What’s more, oil, sugar and refined starch all promote obesity, and when people get fat, all kinds of chronic diseases will follow.

there is a foreign word called & lt; Air energy food & quot( Empty energy), and & lt; Junk food & quot; The meaning of this is quite similar. That is to say, this kind of food makes people gain weight very efficiently. Unfortunately, there are very few other nutrients, neither protein nor vitamins. Calcium and iron are very little& hellip; The result is puffiness. It can’t be used to raise pigs or chickens & mdash& mdash; More fat, less lean, love to get sick, I’m afraid it’s even worse to raise people.

What does junk food include?

the top ten junk foods announced by the World Health Organization include:

fried food, pickled food, processed meat food (dried meat, meat floss, sausage, ham, etc.), biscuit food (excluding low-temperature baking and whole wheat biscuit), soda cola beverage, convenience food (mainly instant noodles and puffed food) Canned food (including fish and fruits), preserved plum food, frozen sweet food (ice cream, popsicle, ice cream, etc.), barbecue food. Among the five common junk foods:

1 and milk tea

, pearl milk tea is regarded as the great devil because of its super high calorie, low nutritional value and even no nutritional ingredients, so it has super powerful ability to damage the body!

the pearl milk tea is divided into sugar, milk essence, tea soup made from cheap tea, and Pearl made from starch (it is not known whether there are plasticizers and modifiers). No matter it is high calorie sugar, starch, or milk essence made from fat, emulsifiers and spices, it has no nutrition.

even if some high-grade milk tea replaces milk essence with fresh milk, however, due to the relationship between fresh milk and tea, protein becomes a protein polymer that is difficult for human body to digest, and calcium forms calcium oxalate that cannot be absorbed, which is equivalent to no nutritional value.

high oil and high sugar will be converted into fat accumulation, and the modifier in milk essence will even cause the loss of calcium, which has the function of stabilizing muscle structure, so drinking a cup of pearl milk tea with 700 calories is destroying muscle and accumulating fat!

2, chicken chops

, good friends of pearl milk tea & mdash; Chicken chops, of course, are not much better. Whether fried or roasted, high-temperature oil and coated powder will produce a large number of free radicals, and highly aggressive free radicals will break the muscle cell membrane, causing the collapse and necrosis of muscle tissue, which is also a bad friend hindering fitness.

isn’t chicken high quality protein? This is only suitable for low-temperature cooking of steamed chicken, after high temperature & lt; Processing & quot; Most of the protein has been denatured, in addition to being difficult to digest and absorb, it may also carry carcinogens, with pepper salt and high oil, the muscle damage ability is first-class!

the processed meat (sausage, hamburger, hot dog, ham) is often covered with & lt; Protein & quot; But the sugar, oil, salt, artificial additives and nitrite in it, together with the cooking methods of frying, roasting and frying, also become the combination of denatured protein and free radical with high calorie additives.

if you eat a roast sausage or fried hot dog, your body will be injured by stray bullets in the process of removing these harmful substances.

4 , carbonated drinks

when you are thirsty, have a can of coke or carbonated drinks, whether or not it is & lt; Zero card;, It’s not good for fitness. The main components of this kind of beverage are sugar, carbonate and phosphate; Sugar can cause inflammation and damage muscle tissue, while carbonates and phosphates can grab calcium, damage muscle structure, and damage kidney function.

as for & lt; Zero card & quot; The artificial sugars used in drinks are metabolized through the kidneys, and the protein needed for fitness is metabolized by the kidneys, so these drinks are tantamount to destroying the body’s channels for absorbing and metabolizing protein.

5, juice

do not drink coke that juice is OK? Most of the juice sold in the market is reduced juice, and flavor, pigment and sugar are added in the process of reduction to maintain consumers’ confidence; Imagine & quot; In addition to the loss of vitamins and minerals, these artificial additives will increase the burden on the kidney.

some fruit juices are even synthetic ones, that is, the color, aroma and taste of the fruit prepared by chemical methods; This kind of chemical sugar water, with only heat and almost no nutrition, will put the fruits of hard work into running water.

many people like to eat junk food, and even feel that they should not live without it; Food & quot; The seat of the party; If you look back at the junk food that may be called delicious food, you’d better eat less so as not to spoil the blood, tears and sweat paid by fitness.

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