Key points for gout patients to eat hot pot:

Key points for gout patients to eat hot pot:

key points for gout patients to eat hot pot: 6667

for gout patients, hot pot has always been regarded as prohibited. In fact, this view is not correct. Today I will talk about the main points of gout patients eating hot pot.

first of all, the choice of food should be mainly vegetarian, with a small amount of meat, it is best not to choose seafood and animal offal. Most vegetables and fruits are low purine food, especially vegetables such as rape, cabbage, carrot, potato, kelp and melon, which are rich in potassium and can inhibit the precipitation of uric acid.

next, the bottom of the pot and dip should be as light as possible. Pepper, Chinese prickly ash, mustard and other seasonings can induce gout attack, whether it is to do the bottom material or dip should be used as little as possible.

again, the best drink is soda water, which can neutralize uric acid. It is a very good drink for gout patients. In addition, drinks such as boiled water, mineral water or fruit and vegetable juice can also promote the dissolution of uric acid into the urine and excretion. Yellow wine hot pot can not be consumed because the alcohol metabolize lactic acid in the body, which affects uric acid excretion. Therefore, for gout patients, no matter whether Baijiu, beer, red wine, yellow rice wine or health wine are not allowed to drink. Yogurt is not suitable for drinking because it contains more lactic acid. In addition, gout patients should not drink hot pot soup when eating hot pot, nor use it to cook noodles, because the purine content is high.

finally, when gout patients eat hot pot, they should wash vegetables first and then meat, which is not only conducive to control the intake of meat and energy, but also can avoid excessive purine intake and aggravate the symptoms of gout.

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