Key points of correct diet and weight loss 22: be patient and watch

. You must have heard about the popular diet and weight loss methods, but there are ways to diet. If the method is not used correctly, it will backfire. Today, Xiaobian will share the key points of correct diet and weight loss method for you,

, so that you can diet properly and be thin and healthy.

(1) stay away from fried food, fried food, try to eat steamed or boiled food. Greasy food contains n-th power of super calories, but also the number one killer of health.

if the toxin can’t be excreted in the body, the body will not lose weight.

(2) don’t have the mentality of losing the delicious food you can’t eat.

don’t force yourself to eat it.

(3) can not eat to pressure, is not conducive to health.

(3) no drinks,

with boiled water instead, no matter how low sugar drinks, calories are high.

(4) drinking 1 to 2 cups of boiling water 15 minutes before a meal is good for eating less, digestion and kidney. The body relies on water to transform food into energy, and also needs water to transport nutrients to the whole body and keep the body temperature normal. It’s also good for the heart, and it dilutes the blood so it doesn’t clot. Therefore, be sure to drink more water,

at least 5-8 glasses of water a day.

(5) chew slowly.

will soon have a sense of fullness, chew more, secrete more saliva, neutralize various toxic substances, cause a benign chain reaction, and excrete more toxins. It can not only treat obesity, but also improve gastrointestinal function. The way to eat slowly: chew and swallow the food in your mouth, then go to pick up the food or take a bite of rice, take a few bites, and stop the chopsticks slightly. Focus on chewing food, and have a good taste of the food.

(6) try to use fruits,

vegetables or high fiber biscuits instead of snacks. The amount of calories stored at night is equal to the sum of three meals a day. Obese people most avoid eating dinner before going to bed.

(7) after barbecue

, eat a banana.

(8) drink a cup of yogurt after eating hot pot


(9) no hunger,

feel full, stop eating immediately.

(10) eat whole wheat bread instead of white bread.

white bread contains too much sugar, fat and high calories. Whole wheat has 9% less calories, 20% more protein and more dietary fiber than ordinary white bread. Throw away the white bread.

(11) eat brown rice

instead of white rice. Brown rice is the “plumber” to clean the large intestine.

(12) avoid fried noodles when choosing pasta,

instant noodles


(13) in addition to sweets is a big taboo for weight loss, there are

peanuts, melon seeds and other high fat nuts


(15) stand for 30 minutes after meal.


14) oat

can reduce cholesterol, delay the rise of blood sugar and reduce blood pressure.

(15) form a good habit of drinking green tea every day. There is a catechol polyphenol substance in

green tea, which can enhance metabolism and increase the speed of body burning calories. Green tea also contains antioxidants, which can prevent computer radiation and reduce the probability of suffering from gastric cancer, esophageal cancer and liver cancer.

(16) refused to eat sugar on an empty stomach.

(17) drink soup first, then eat vegetables, and finally eat meat and rice slowly.

(18) hot food, hot food, sweet food and cold food are all harmful to teeth and cause aging and corrosion.

(19) no red meat.

(20) remove the fat part of the meat, and

should not drink broth.

(21) remove the chicken skin.

(22) do not eat junk food.

junk food is lack of nutrition and rich in fat and sugar.

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